7 thoughts on “Czech President Vaclav Klaus, National Press Club Canberra – Attacks “Climate Change” Scam

  1. Our stupid politicians attacked peoples wages and hours and safety so they joined unions, except some ppl dont know the difference between a union for workers and communism I do know the difference and apparently no one is being taught history anymore.

    Put Al Gore in jail what a traitor to USA and scientific fraud !

  2. In forming one’s opinion I advise everyone to listen to what President Vaclav Klaus has to say on the Climate Change Doctrine, and also the address by Lord Monckton both of whom gave an address on seperate occasions to the National Press Club, Australia. These opinions also backed by significant international scientific research (excluding of course, those scientific institutions receiving significant govt subsidy).

  3. I wish our youth could be listening to THIS in school — and out.

    Scarily confirms my impressions.

  4. Is a shame we don’t hear more from Eastern Europe. They know what few other peoples can truely appreciate – the difference between freedom in capitalism, and oppression through leftism, ‘green’ or otherwise…

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