Marxist Unions Sponsor Illinois GOP Event

Everyone knows that the Illinois Democrat Party is in bed with the state’s labor unions, but it appears that the state GOP is also cozy with the socialists.

Proof of this relationship comes from a little brochure I found at the RNC in Tampa last week.

SEIU, and AFSCME, both of which are dominated by Democratic Socialists of America, the US’ largest Marxist organization, sponsored an Illinois GOP social gathering after the day’s main events.

How can the Illinois State GOP justify taking money from Marxist controlled labor unions?

Would their rank and file members approve of such a potentially dangerous and corrupting relationship?


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5 thoughts on “Marxist Unions Sponsor Illinois GOP Event

  1. I was left Libertarian, but pretty close to Saddam. I woednr why. Also how can be one a left (statist) libertarian ( the opposite)… anyway I don’t trust this test unless it comes to free online datings, of course. I.e. theoretically what would have Saddam be? left Libertarian I guess. Iraqis cannot complain that they don;’t know what state interference is…their state or another.

  2. Remember. This is Illinois, where anything is possible. You have a ballerina as the Mayor of “Kill Town”, a commie as one of its’ congressional representatives, a former black extremist leader as a member of Congress, and where the Communist Party ran a helluva lot of Chicago city politics from the election of Mayor Washington (via CPUSAer David Canter and CP sympathizer Don Rose)on down, to their mentoring of David (“I Do Not Look Like Hitler, Much”) Axelrod, to Valerie Jarrett (her family tree and relations look like a CPUSA convention), and Al Capone’s vault didn’t have a thing in it (I think Geraldo Rivera emptied it earlier on and put the stuff on Ebay – PS an old acquaintance of mine was the IRS agent who sent Capone to jail. In those days, some Chicago criminals actually went to jail. Today they get elected to political positions).

    When Carroll Lewis wrote “Alice in Wonderland” he must have foreseen that the Axelrods, Obamas esp. Michele as the “Queen”, Jarretts, Frank Marshall Davis, etc. would someday be real. He also knew that nobody would believe this could be real so he made it into a “fiction” story.

    “Sometimes fiction is closer to the truth than you think”.

    PS: Downtown Chicago is beginning to look and sound like downtown Baghdad, with a similar weekly body-count. Yes Mayor Rambo, you’re doing a great job, except that you are getting Democrats killed in increasing numbers. Obama might not like that and will sic Eric “The Red” Holder on you.

    You bring a gun to the fight, Obama brings the whole damned Dept. of Justice to it. Pretty soon, DOJ will be running Chicago and Emanuel will be looking for a job as a ballerina, again.

    Oh how the worm turns!

    Love it!!!

    1. I wish it were only in Illinois we could probably deal with it, but you have to accept that the Republican Party is in bed with them; maybe a few aren’t, but the majority are and the leaders, especially, are.

  3. The more I say Marxist in posts regarding Obama, the less opposition I receive. The liberals must assume that Obama is in fact a Marxist.

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