13 thoughts on “Communists/Democrats: Spot the Difference

  1. It is obvious we not only have an incompetent president in Barack Obama but a socialist and a wan-a-be dictator. He is a pathological liar and a racists. American’s must wake up to those in our government who are traitors to our Constitution. Don’t be deceived like they were in Germany during the late 30’s – learn from history. Read Bonhoeffer and you will see the resemblance to what is happening today in our country. Those of us who were around in the 40’s remember the German storm troopers, aka brown shirts, BO wants his own army – he calls a national army – don’t be fooled by this. We have the National Guard and do not need another army. His is being formed under Americorp. If BO gets another term he will finish the job of destroying our Republic and create a Socialists government.
    Be informed and get involved – and keep an eye on the Republicans as well, who are not true to our principles and values but are corrupted by power. We are one election away from America’s destruction – Where do you stand?

  2. This is a sad day in America when this is tolerated. The Constitution was never to be abused under free speech for destruction of our country.

    All of these youth should be taken to the woodshed. It is obvious they are a by product of the Communist Marxist Professors poisoning the minds of our youth.

    Nothing but Communism 101. I am so glad I put my children through private Christian schools. Both turned out to be country loving Patriots.

  3. Hard to Believe? I would never have dreamed that communist in Canada are that upfront. However they lost BIG TIME as that is nothing but good for Canada.

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