Chinese Communist Party Membership Tops 80M

From the Communist Party of China International Department website:

The number of Communist Party of China (CPC) members has exceeded 80 million, a senior CPC official said Friday.

The CPC had 80.269 million members by the end of last year, Wang Qinfeng, deputy head of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee, said at a press conference.

The Party grew from only about 50 members at its birth to nearly 4.5 million when the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949.

Last year, 3.075 million people joined the CPC, the world’s largest political Party — a net increase of 2.274 million taking into account members who died or left the party.

The two leading groups in new members were college students and people at the frontline of production or work, such as industrial workers, farmers, herders, and migrant workers, both accounting for more than 40 percent of the total new Party members.

The CPC received 21.017 million membership applications last year, a year-on-year increase of 861,000.

Of the Party’s members, 18.03 million were women and 5.338 million were from ethnic minority groups in 2010, accounting for 22.5 percent and 6.6 percent of the total respectively, according to Wang.

In terms of occupation, the group of farmers, herders and fishermen, numbering 24.427 million, was the largest, while 6.989 million Party members were workers, he said.

Another 6.812 million members worked in Party and state agencies, and 18.413 million were managerial staff and professional technicians working in enterprises and non-profitable organizations, and 2.539 million were students, according to Wang.

Meanwhile, a total of 32,000 people were expelled or withdrew from the Party last year, most of whom were forced out to ensure the advanced nature and purity of the CPC, Wang said.

Besides enlarging its membership, the CPC continued to expand both in public and private sectors last year.

Party organizations had been established in nearly all government agencies, state-owned and private enterprises, and social organizations.

They had also been set up in 99.9 percent of villages and urban communities and in all associations of lawyers and certified accountants, Wang said.

Regarding the 3 million migrant worker Party members, Wang said that the Party had managed to have them join Party organization activities in their current place of residence so that they could stay connected with the Party.

About the ongoing elections of all Party committees at the provincial, municipal, county, and township levels nationwide, Wang vowed zero tolerance on people who acted in corrupt way in the process.

Reelections of Party committees have been completed in 47 percent of China’s 34,000 townships and about 10 percent of 2,700 counties, according to Wang.

The death of communism, is unfortunately, a dangerous illusion.


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6 thoughts on “Chinese Communist Party Membership Tops 80M

  1. Oh, how the liberal left loves the communists and hates the “racist and sexist” right. Yet, the communists allowed three million new members out of twenty-one million applicants. Mostly Chinese, the majority, and men. Why? Because the Chinese government has already got its people in chains and can expose its true colors. Liberals in America are no different.
    The Democrats hated the blacks in America until a Republican president set them free. Now, they bait minorities for their vote by constantly hampering their efforts to get free from entitlement programs by feeding the song of oppression and giving them handouts. The wo is me attitude preached to minorities in America teaches government reliance, teaches class envy, and creates racism, while the liberals use minorities to keep them in power. None of this truly designed to help minorities to free themselves from what is often their own bad choices, but rather teach that they are entitled to what has been stolen from them and that they should rely the Democratic Party to spare them from the cruel oppression of the world of the white man.
    The reality is the conservatives in “white America” mostly embraces the idea that there is room at the top for their minority brothers and sisters, but alas the liberals don’t want that nasty truth out. The liberals need the minority support and do so at the minorities’ own expense. The liberals like their beloved Chinese counterparts are truly the racists and the sexists. If they could survive without you, they too would abandon you.
    Slavery used to mean chains and hard labor. Now it means welfare and class envy and the belief that minorities will fail if they stop accepting the handouts from government.
    Not all minorities are on welfare. I get that. The minorities are just as capable of success as “white America,” but shhh, don’t let them know. Those on welfare need to free themselves from this new slavery and recognize they can not only survive but flourish without condescension of the liberal white elitist pity and handouts.
    Liberals do not want free thinking and successful minorities who believe that government is not the answer, just ask Clarence Thomas. He is a symbol success and great intellectual prowess, and yet, he is despised by the left, because he refuses to play the race card for himself or “his people.”
    We are all only free when we decide to find our own success. Government has trapped so many by teaching self determination is the road to failure. So many minorities must abandon these philosophies and choose to be great and free themselves from the trap of liberalism. Freedom from slavery comes from freedom of dependency. Someday we may all need the freedom from entitlements to save us from our own oppressive government

  2. Okay notice how the leadership of China does not seem to understand the same formula as here in America:

    America 320 million people vs 525.
    Or 629524 to each leadership of the Senate and House.

    China 1.4 billion people vs 8 million
    Or 175 to one of the CCP.

    Military forces say the common ration for victory is 3:1 or prefer 5:1…

    Somehow both countries people forget the ratio is so heavily in their own favor, the day the leadership goes too aggresivly against the people – guess who wins and who loses.

    1. Unless the leadership has no qualms about eliminating any opposition. Or, unless the people don’t have the ability to organise against, to defend themselves, or to communicate freely.

      1. Understood there, yet the fact remains that most people see China as one big and unified culture and nation. They have a long history of civil wars, and of cultural changes in as many areas as the diversity of the USA in the east and the west, and the north and the south.

        There are cracks starting to form on the inside; and unless change does come, one of these little uprisings will catch the area on fire, and spread, then the whole region will come down around their heads.

        The old communist leader of Romania thought as the Chinese did in elimination of the local cultures, suppression of the people and such; including the ruthless elimination of any real or suspected opposition.

        Until one day the TV showed a youth looking at them and while making a slashing hand move across his neck declared very well and loud “Americaskis…Chauchescu KAPUT!!!”

        And so it ended in less than a handcount of days.

        So it may be in China.

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