Snared in the Soros Web

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

I’m a digger, always have been… I dig until I uncover the facts, the truth is the only thing that stops me. Yesterday, I was doing what I love – uncovering the Progressives within The Sunlight Foundation, when I had an epiphany that rocked me.

As all researchers will tell you, deep research is like putting together a puzzle, one piece at a time. Sometimes those pieces fall into place all at once, showing a picture of what you are dealing with as a whole and you are never the same. That’s what happened to me yesterday and it took my breath away.

It turns out that many of the sources I use for research are connected to George Soros‘ money. Here are a few I dug up and there are many more that are not listed here:

Soros has spread his money far and wide. He has created a myriad of Internet sources that actually are the polar opposite of what their titles indicate. He has masterfully placed Marxists on the boards of these companies – I see some of the same names over and over again. He now has people everywhere that are following a set Progressive/Marxist agenda. It’s like the mob – once you take his money and his people, the only way out is a toe tag either for the business or you.

I have been at this long enough that I can ferret out facts found on these sites and still glean info from them. But sometimes, they fool even me. This is a warning to my fellow researchers out there – Soros basically owns the majority of information sources on the web. Even if the company claims they are neutral, by taking his funds funneled through various layers of foundations, they have opened themselves up to the potential of influence and corruption. They are tainted.

The Soros Files shows this wonderfully, as does Keywiki. I want to lay out the Soros Media Network for you next and this makes my stomach curl in on itself. A special thanks to Trevor Loudon of New Zeal and Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival, Inc. for their excellent documentation and research on The Soros Files.

The Soros Media Network:

  • Proteus
    Media Democracy Fund
    The Media Consortium: “a network of the country’s leading, progressive, independent media outlets.” Tracy Van Slyke, Director
  • Center for Investigative Reporting
    Media Partners: ABC News, CNN, Frontline, Los Angeles Times,, the Washington Post, American Radio Works
  • Russia Today (RT) – Thom Harmann
    Huffington Post
    Mark Keiser / RT / Press TV / Al-Jazeera
  • Democracy Now!Amy Goodman – 900 stations
  • Free Press / Media Matters
  • Link TV – “Television Without Borders” – Danny Glover, Board Member
    Channel 9410 DISH
    Channel 375 DirecTV
    Distributes Al-Jazeera and “Weather Underground” film
  • Free Speech TV – “Anti-Fox network” – Don Rojas, Director, worked for Maurice Bishop of Grenada
    DISH Network (channel 9415)
    DirecTV (channel 348) and part-time on 200 cable affiliates in 39 states.
    Seeks OSI funding.
    Distributes Al-Jazeera
  • Inter Press Services “is the world’s leading provider of information on global issues, backed by a network of journalists in more than 100 countries…”
  • Sundance Institute / PBS
  • National Public Radio
    $1.8 million from Open Society Foundations in 2010. 10.6% from CPB. 900 stations.
  • Pacifica Stations
    CPB funding: 2009-2010
    KPFA, Berkeley $451,000, $299,958
    KPFK, LA $382,035, $350,464
    WPFW, DC $238,381, $282083
    KPFT, Houston $160,529, $156,474
    WBAI, NY $359,915, $319,525
  • Project Syndicate: distributes commentaries from George Soros and Joseph Stiglitz to 474 leading newspapers in 151 countries.
  • Other Worlds news service – IPS
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    Free Press
    People for the American Way


Progressive Media Allies:

  • Campaign for America’s Future
  • Center for American Progress
  • Center for Independent Media
  • Center for Media Justice
  • Color of Change
  • Free Press
  • Media Matters
  • MoveOn
  • New Politics Institute
  • Progressive Book Club
  • Progressive Communicators Network
  • The Media Consortium
  • Women’s Media Center
  • Working Assets/CREDO
  • Democracy Now!
  • Free Speech Radio News
  • National Radio Project
  • Pacifica
  • Public News Service
  • Radio Nation
  • Balcony Films
  • Brave New Films
  • CurrentTV
  • Free Speech TV
  • Guerrilla News Network
  • LinkTV
  • Paper Tiger Television
  • PoliticsTV
  • The Real News
  • Third World Majority
  • Veracifier

Book Publishers:

  • Berrett-Koehler
  • Chelsea Green
  • Monthly Review Press
  • Seal Press
  • Seven Stories
  • South End Press
  • The New Press

As you can see from the list above, Soros has his fingers in everybody’s pie. The old spider is crafty and evil as hell and won’t quit until he collapses the US and he is doing a fine job so far. Notice the deceit in the names – black is white here and transparency does not exist in reality. They claim to be transparent and non-partisan, but they are anything but that.

Tread carefully on the web. Vet your information thoroughly, check every detail. It’s like dancing with the devil who is promising you heaven and earth. You can’t believe anything you see or read at first blush. Don’t get snared in the Soros web.


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13 thoughts on “Snared in the Soros Web

  1. I do a lot of online research, too, and his name connects to just about everything. It’s like playing “Six Degrees of George Soros”. I have never seen such a network and it is truly amazing (in a bad way).

    1. Where did they report that he OWNS I can only find that he bought 206,000 +/- shares of


  2. If you want another very high quality site for extensive research purposes on “who’s who”, look no further than this gem right here:

    Discover the Networks

    Researching the name George Soros on that site will give you literally days worth of material to go over.

    Excellent website by the way, Mr. Loudon. I visit here quite regularly.

  3. Excellent research! It makes my skin crawl to realize that this evil puppeteer Soros has his devil claws so deep into his puppet Obama, that his evil intentions to destroy America are coming to fruition more and more every day. Anyone who can’t see what this creep-master is doing to the United States must be absolutely clueless. Some would rather keep their heads in the sand and don’t want to know about the destruction being heaped upon our beloved nation by “progressives” – which is just another name for communists/socialists.

    Each time I see a progressive insurance commercial on Fox News, I want to scream at the T.V.! But I guess that money talks and is more important to the execs than the integrity of their news corporation.

    I was so glad when Fox News brought on Glenn Beck, but so disappointed when his show was discontinued. The day that Murdock’s son became more influential in the corporation here in the U.S., the more Fox News (unfortunately) joined the ranks of the Media of Mass Deception (MOMD)!

    I want to encourage readers here to subscribe to Glenn Beck’s GBTV. It is the wave of the future – and Glenn has a head start on it all. We need millions of subcribers to GBTV to keep the public informed about what is REALLY going on – because the MOMD isn’t reporting it!

    Thank you so much for this extremely important and informative post!

    1. Thanks for promoting GBTV as a source for this kind of information. It’s a hard sell for people who feel they have all the news they need at a flick of the TV switch. Word-of-mouth is so important!

    2. Glenn Beck is one of them now. I was one of his first GBTV subscribers but have cancelled. He is now just playing the other side to keep us focused on fighting each other. I used to send him inside news that he would put on his show at Fox. I thought he was for real then he started to not cover the really important stories just like the other mainstream media. I personally believe he is a puppet like the rest of the media. He removes polls that had Ron Paul in the leader spot and at times does not even put his name in a story talking about how the candidates did in a debate or a news story. We jut hear info on the choices the elite’s what us to vote for. I have opened my eyes and people by the thousands each week are doing the same. Just hope it is going o be soon enough. This summer will be the deciding time in our history that will show us keeping the Republic or seeing a long painful time under the complete control of foreign power.

      They have something in the works just keep your eyes open and question there motives before you follow the leader into a trap.

      I hope I am wrong but I have been almost dead on my predictions for the last couple of years. I just study history and it’s just repeating it self but at a lot larger scale.

      God help us all
      Peaceful strategies is the only defense that will work. If we use vilance then they win

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