11 thoughts on “Rep. McClintock Tells the Country Why Obama is so Dangerous

  1. Awesome, thank God for men like him, who will speak the truth about this administration. What is so frightening about what this administration is doing is the total complicity of the press.

  2. Obama must be officially investigated and impeached if the findings warrant, as they almost certainly will.

    To identify the subject, the threshold step must be subpoenae of Obama’s DNA and his Hawai’ian vital records (both the original birth certificate and the amended birth certificate reflecting his adoption). Then Congress must investigate whether his acquisition and exercise of Indonesian citizenship terminated his U.S. citizenship and his corrupt and seditious bargains to conceal his Indonesian citizenship, his other high crimes and misdemeanors, and his true allegiance. Evidence continues to mount that he is a Comintern mole.

    How about action instead of just oratory? Impeach the bastard. I nominate The Honorable Patrick Fitzgerald, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois, prosecutor of Blagojevich, for Independent Counsel.

    1. Right on, right on, right on!! I like the call for the DNA test…might there be a little Marshall in the White House instead of an Obama?

      But someone made the point on Dr Jerome Corsi’s FB page that made me pause: if he’s actually a foreign citizen, then can we impeach someone who is then not technically the president? Can we prosecute him for treason as well, if he might not be a citizen?

  3. McClintock is terrific – California would be in a much different position now had he beaten Arnold in the Gray Davis recall.

    1. I concur, RW…I said just that when I posted this to my Facebook page (before I scrolled down to read the comments). I even “door-belled” my neighborhood all by myself on McClintock’s behalf to ask people to vote for him in the recall…but those Hollywood action heroes always get the girls, I mean VOTES…

  4. Another part too – for consideration…

    He can be tried in courts of law for crimes of formenting of insurrection against the government by his actions and words, and of sponsoring and encouraging Rebellion by his transformation of the nation under his own dictatorial desires and designes. Again the documentation in his many statements of these are concrete.

    Correspondingly the Progressives and many of the union leaders of the socialist and communist leaning, along with the media who are pursuing active transformation of the government may also be brought to account in court for sedition and rebellion as well.

    1. Right on! We need to bring it on! I can’t ‘see’ why anyone cannot ‘see’ through this President and the Progressives, AKA Marxist Globalists. They are not American; they are anti-American in everything they believe and do.

      1. Exactly, they are presenting people with a way to see what they want or wish to see – as any good illusionist does in his bag of tricks.

        What they forget, the progressives, socialists, radicals and such is this about the average American people…

        Knock one of us down, another comes forward, strike one down and ten more arrive with baseball bats and rifles saying to them “Lets get it on…”

  5. Obama did declare the statement shortly before his inaguration that “In five days we begin the fundamental transformation of the nation.”

    And the most fundamental foundations of the nation are the very own Constitution and the Bill of Rights; destroy them or change them to a point it no longer matters – by executive fiat and constitutional crisis, and a out of control POTUS who does what he wishes and has totally ignored the peoples wishes and the Congress is irrelevent.

    So he has been truthful about WHAT his goal was, and it was too late to undo the elections; so he needs to be impeached and have the power he has stolen returned to the people.

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