5 thoughts on “Why Israel Can’t Withdraw to its Pre ’67 Borders

  1. I saw this video a year or two ago and it made me realize the importance of Israel’s current boarders and nothing will change my opinion on this issue. The double standards are absurd. Should the USA give back Texas, California, New Mexico, and Arizona to Mexico????

    If rockets were being launched from Mexico into San Diego, do you think the US military would respond with troops on the ground and or massive airstrikes???

  2. Indeed, the UN mandated the creation of Israel and acknowledged the 1967 land boundaries; they cannot give up the land aquired after the latest attack against them.

    If the UN indeed is allowed to retract on the designation of the boundaries of a member nation state; one that it brought into the world and supported at the time by the USA, it sets the dangerous precident of the UN deciding on any and all borders for the world that THEY desginate.

    The day the main area of the Golan Heights is given back; there will be another war.

  3. The UN granted the extra territory in 1967 to Israel. Now they are backpeddling.

    The fact is that the Israelis won the wars that the Arabs started. As a result they have every right to absorb the territories that they have won.

    If that is deemed unfair then Russia and Poland should give back East Prussia to Germany. There are countless other examples where countries have lost territory due to losing a war. Why is the Israeli issue different?

    The double standards practiced defy logic.

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