3 thoughts on “Rep. Kelly’s Statement During Education and Workforce Committee Markup

  1. Here you see the proof. Socialism was created by bankers, to unjustly enrich bankers. Socialism only benifits “party members” (bureaucrats and politicians) who have figured out that it is easier to “get” wealth than to “earn” it.

    The “proletariat” (working class) is but a impoverished worker ant colony conscripted to toil to produce wealth for the “party members” who confiscate it for their own self serving extravagence. Anyone ever see a poor politician? They are all multi-millionairs.

    Look at the “health care” plan they have provided for themselves. Why do multi-millionairs need someone else to pay their doctor bills?

    They have no intention of jeapordizing their gravy train. That’s what socialism is all about.

  2. Incredible and very true; along with very candid, to the point, and effective…to hear the truth being spoken with such manner and logic along with passion is good, to see it as well is great. He is also dead on the target with the restrictions and controls the Fed Govt has placed on businesses, on the banks and so forth that most are terrified to lend money or expand, as there are still too many unknowns on the field of battle.

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