2 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT: Symptoms of Tyranny, Oathkeepers in Arizona

  1. Americans–learn from this! This is a direct consequence of imposition of “federal” authority due to the 14th Amendment.

    The America our Founders erected upon the common-law (Natural Law) where our God given unalienable rights are memorialized in the Bill of Rights in both State and US Constitutions, exists only on the State level.

    Every State Constitution begins by recognizing God as the source and guarantor of our liberties. Only State governments, administering the common-law, recognize God, Natural Law (common-law), and unalienable “natural” rights.

    Only State governments protect the God given unalienable “natural” rights of the citizens of that State.

    The “federal” government was established by the States to administer “international law” to regulate commerce, warfare, etc. between the States and Indian Tribes, etc.

    International law (admiralty jurisdictdion) is the same “alien jurisdiction” our Founders rebelled against and fought a Revolution to expell from the land.

    “Admiralty jurisdiction” (world law) is a military authority that does not protect rights; it enforces statutory positive law (government’s law).

    The 14th Amendment established an after-market America on the “federal” level to accomodate the freed slaves after the Civil War. It didn’t apply to the original State citizens who did not need a statute enacted by their “servants” or an exception (Amendment) made to the law of the land to give them rights. They already had rights which pre-dated government, being derived from the Creator and founded in “nature”.

    The post-Civil War Civil Rights Act of 1866 “granted” these new “federal” citizens statutory “civil rights” intended to provide them with statutory equality with the “unalienable” rights of the orignal State citizens.

    “Civil Rights” come from Congress, not God. The “federal” government only recognizes and enforces “civil rights” (government’s law) for the benifit of non-Posterity minorities. It imposes its “international law” authority upon the States, forcing them to violate their own Constitutions, reversing the “principal-agent” relationship between the States and the federal government.

    “Civil rights” have their foundation in statutes. They are not absolute but dependant upon the outcome of a vote, subject to change, modification, or revokation after every election, or change of whim of Congress (an internation law authority).

    This country was not founded upon “civil rights”. There is no “federal” Americanism. Where there is admiralty, there is no liberty.

    Every State Constitution has a Bill of Rights protecting the God given “natural” rights of it citizens. Every State Constitution gurantees its citizens the “natural” right to bear arms for personal protection and defense against government’s abuses. It was government that our Founders did not rust with “arms”, except when war is declared and an army raised for its defense.

    The highest authority in the land is the Constitutionally elected Sheriff (Shire-Reiff). He is the “agent” of the People, not of the State. He is there to protect his constitutents from abuses of authority by government.

    If the Sheriff needs to use force to uphold the Constitution and protect the citizen, he calls up the “posse”, the grass roots etchelon of the “militia”, who mobilize with their privately held weapons, to assist their public “servant” in his assigned duty.

    Here we see the “principal” (People) asserting, through their “agent” in the Sheriff, their sovereign authority under the Law of Agency. They are there personally to “supervise” the conduct of their “agent”.

    It is a felony offense for a citizen to refuse the call of the Sheriff for duty in the militia. The “principal” HAS AN OBLIGATION, as well as the authority, to correct unlawful acts and usurpations of authority of its “agent”. The “principal” (People) are also not bound by unathorized acts of its “agent”. It’s called “unconstitutional”.

    The Sheriff here needs to be prosecuted for derilection to duty and violation of his Constitutional oath. That is the message that needs to be sent.

  2. RIP Marine, your duty here is done and now you will await the return to your glorious home in the world to come. Let justice be done with the righteousness of God to those who killed you in the coldest of blood for daring to stand up for what is right.

    Thank you oathkeepers for supporting one who has fallen to the force of darkness and tyranny that is becoming more and more open and rampant.

    This was simply cold blooded murder; period.

    To enter a persons home suspected to have arms, means they are sanctioned to go in with deadly force used as the first and only option on all inside who MAY resist, is cold blooded murder of the first degree.


    Semper Fi!

    We will never forget any who have served and those who are gone!

    To those who have done this from the top down to the bottom up, may God have mercy upon your soul for the blood you now have on your hands and soul.

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