2 thoughts on “Some Democrats Now Irked by Protesters’ Tactics

  1. There is no room in this “CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC” for Socialists, Communists, Progressive Fascists or Marxists. We are fast approaching the time when they can either leave on their own volition or we will remove them the way the “PATRIOTS” removed the “TORRES” during the “REVOLUTION”!

  2. Glad it has backfired upon those democrat legislature. This shows just how far they are willing to go in using people to further their own agendas…and will use hook and crook to make the blame be cast on any opposition. There is no reason to disrupt a lawfull assembly of the legislature, the means for speaking up on the laws and bills being considered are already well established.

    The radicals and socialists and progressives are just attempting to hike up the pressure for change, and for their own revolution, also they fall into the leaderships own example of ‘useful idiots’ who do the work for them in disruptions, and when the revolution comes, if it does, they will be the first to be taken out by all sides.

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