Russia Today Exposed!

Virulently anti Western Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today gets a well deserved lampooning.

No patriotic American should lend their time or credibility to this blatant agency of an hostile foreign power.


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9 thoughts on “Russia Today Exposed!

  1. That is really fascinating, You are an excessively professional blogger. I have joined your feed and sit up for searching for more of your wonderful post. Additionally, I’ve shared your site in my social networks

  2. I hear you, and I believe what you say is right. However, in my experience in the last 3-4 months, I have found a couple RT interviews that highlight/support the freedom/constitutional movement. These may be a minority or an unusual exception, and I will continue to beware of this news feed. I wish I kept links to the 2 or 3 RT youtubes that I thought were supportive of the USA patriots and constitutionalists.

    1. “highlight/support the freedom/constitutional movement” I’ve got news for you. All of the anti-zionist conservatives are mixed up with the anti-zionist Islamists from Ron Paul to David Duke. Conservatives need to watch out for these guys too. ANYBODY that shows up on Iranian TV, RT, Alex Jones, Rense, Rivero, anybody-for-9-11 truth is suspect if they are anti-Israel pro-Arab/palestine.

      1. Be aware of many on the far right, as they have been infiltrated by (or ARE) KGB/FSB agents of influence, with the purpose of dividing this country by stirring a revolutionary spirit in the people. Right or left, it matters not – revolution will destroy this country, or weaken it to the point where it can be destroyed from the outside.

  3. Fine let these Marxists and Communists try and take over the land, many of us in America still know how to defend ourselves from a wannabe dictator such as them.

    Also, I DO NOT mean rising against Obama, save for impeachment by the lawfully elected Congress or voting him out of office in 2012. He is the lawfully elected POTUS of the land in 2008, so any bid to get him out of office has to explicitly be done as outlined in the nations Constitution.

    1. Oh yeah. Legally elected. A guy with no legal Birth Certificate to enter into any Court as ID evidence per 333 US 640 (1948) @ 653 & 533 US 53 (2001) @54,62. A guy with an Identity Fruad Social Security Number stolen from someone born in 1890 before he went to Occidental, and felony used to register in the Selective Service (an auto disqualification from the Presidency). A guy who cannot meet the 14th Amendment US Residency requirements of Wong Kim Ark 169 US 649 (1898) @ 652-654, 704-705. A guy who was denounced before the US Consulate by his own mother on August 13, 1968 and in writing on Form FS-277 (7-64) as having foreign citizenship and formally swearing foreign allegiance in Indonesia and NO US RESIDENCY at the alleged age of 7.
      Follow the trail. George Soros and Valerie Jarrett are Russian Communists. George the largest Russian Communist spy ever to come to US Shores outside of Obama, whom the nation of Kenya repeatedly claims was born in Kenya. Never once has any Obama lawyer at any time introduced Obama Identity documents such as his Certification of Live Birth or even his Social Security card. The Fraud on the Court is outlined in Workman v. Bell, 245 F.3d 849 (6th Cir. 2001) @852. legally elected. Obama is the highest placed Communist mole ever to ascend in the US Government. And even ex-CIA Chief Woolsey is going “Gawsh, he wants to just give away our nuclear secrets. Duh. What to do?”
      Legally elected…legally POTUS? How many times does he get to commit overt Treason conspiring to destroy the US before someone listens and acts in the US Senate? Russia Today is already in the White House in the personage of Barack Hussein Obama, legally also Barry Soetoro, still Indonesian citizen, and as of last month with the Kenyan Constitution…eligible to run for President of Kenya in May of 2020 (having been reissued a Kenyan Citizenship last month by birth to a Kenyan Parent via the Joe Biden advised New Kenyan Constitution). “All coincidence”. Yeah, right.

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