12 thoughts on “Leon Panetta is a Security Risk

  1. When will the People realize that Obama is an enemy agent?

    Set up a hue and cry for congressional investigation of Obama’s identity, starting with subpoenae of his DNA and Hawai’ian vital records and proceeding to an exhaustive inquiry into his eligibility, citizenship, corrupt and seditious schemes to conceal Indonesian citizenship, other high crimes and misdemeanors, and his true allegiance, which has probably been to the Comintern for decades.

  2. Marxism is at every level of this administration, Media, Banking, and other major corporations. We have been infiltrated and Panetta is again in a place of power that is more than dangerous. He is a traitor to the U.S.

  3. The 100-0 Senate confirmation vote was strictly a matter of professional courtesy extended to a former House Baron. That’s the kind of loyalty to “Country” that really counts among Ruling Class Insiders; proving once again that a) everything done in Washington D.C. is Collectivism … and b) the Honorables love it!

    The Union News

  4. Our nations ability to defend herself is now fataly compromised; for with him, the gutting of the greatest armed forces on the earth will soon be accompolished, and nothing will be able to hold Obama and the progressive socialists back save the armed might of the people of America herself.

    Understand history on this level; if we lose the armed forces, we lose either our freedoms, or descend into a civil war like nothing the world has seen before or since.

    Either way, the land as we know it will be finished.

    1. Agree totally William. Our conservative Senators failed us, conservative talk radio failed us and conservative websites failed us, except of course for this one. It’s almost like they were all bought off in some manner. Very scary indeed…..

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