Police Version of Brooklyn Bridge Arrests

The NYPD has released video of protesters from the group Occupy Wall Street as they attempted to march across Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday. More than 700 were arrested during a tense confrontation with police. Viewing this, its pretty hard to condemn the police for arresting these people.

Of course the protesters and Russia Today portrayed this as an example of police intolerance and brutality. They would though, wouldn’t they?

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6 thoughts on “Police Version of Brooklyn Bridge Arrests

  1. Lenin said; “The way to control opposition ,is to lead it “.Lead is what happened on Brooklyn Bridge.Lead by undercover agents -provocators onto the bridge road way.” Police tricked us” is what I hear on Liberal airwaves. Yet I am surprized that mass amnesia -memory awarenwss of the rule of law..It is and has always been illegal to walk on the roadwa;You can get killed.
    An earlieir comment was ” useful idiots “-this is another lenin quote that bears reserch to comprehend the relationship of Sorros-Move On .Org-Acorn-Francais Piven Obama Bill Ayres (Weatherman-Terrorist Murderer ) and the Chicago collectivist mafia.This is a historical political footnote unfolding before our eyes.Globalist banking interests-Liberal Radical Progressives (Communists )combine forces to attempt to foment revolution by hijacking authentic anger and resentment of a corrupt criminal system of government.The revolution will be televised and brought to us by the the very ones who hope to exploit it.Stay tuned….

  2. Remember the majority of these students VOTED for Obama & haven’t a clue about their own Constitution or ‘free markets’. Teachers & professors pumped them instead full of Al Gore & Saul Alinsky bull crap. -AND they payed for it (student loans).

    When you have the likes of Van Jones and Piven, avowed communists that want to see America in flames, rah, rah, raging them on, trouble ahead for civility. Violence and chaos, it’s exactly what this Mao loving administration wants & needs in order to implement martial law & move America closer to dictatorship.

    useful-idiots going to “take back America” ? To what?
    Yes, there is already a ‘Coup d’etat’ on the US Constitution and American way of life, are students now about to get corralled themselves by giving the government an excuse?

    Communist provocateurs are using the protesters, encouraging them to destroy their own future and let in a much worse fate?

    Or course the banksters must be checked:
    Follow Iceland, pressure representatives to reject the debt and reinstate the Glass–Steagall Act, demand arrests of the guilty bankers, don’t blindly collapse your own home and security

    I hope there emerges a leader with a specific plan & knows history, not just calls for chaos.

    Buy silver, shit on the fiat dollar not on yourself and your own family

    Let’s have specifics as to “what you want” otherwise you’ll get chaos & martial law-which is what ‘they’ want

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