International Caliphate Conference Planned for London

From The Blaze

Hizb ut-Tahrir, which stands for the “Party of Liberation” in English, is an international political organization that seeks one, unified Muslim state that is dominated by Muslim law. This particular group stands firmly planted against the United States, accusing the Super Power of colonization, among other offenses.


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2 thoughts on “International Caliphate Conference Planned for London

  1. I still fail to understand how so many people in the nation, let alone the world cannot see and hear what is right before them?

    From it’s very inception in the 20s and 30s, the Muslum Brotherhood has had one main goal – THE restoration of the CALIPHATE!!!

    The Palestinians are being used and played, by the Brotherhood, by Syria and by Iran with the nutjob leader of theirs. The world is so in love with the new ‘Arab Spring’ garbage going on, they fail to see the larger goals being sought.

    Israel is being played by many dealers now; no matter what they do, the world will turn fully on them, as the administration has done so by throwing them to the wolves. If we as a people do not stand for and with Israel, she is finished, and soon afterward, so too shall go Europe and then America.

    Anyone who has to say “The Brotherhood and the Iranian guy are not that bad…” consider this much…

    If the Brotherhood and the 12th Imadi followers were so good, then why in most parts of the Muslum world were BOTH groups usually given immediate death sentences on the spot by the worst regimes in the worlds history?

    If the worst figures are trying to stop something even more evil and dark from rising, then that has to set the warning bells off across the land and the world.

    1. Agree wholeheartedly. There is a mass coverup. The average American does not or doesn’t even want to listen. The Dems do not want any part of the truth. As everyone knows the Media is responsible for a large number of people being pulled their way due to a lack of information by the media. Maybe it’s supposed to be this way for a reason. I’m stumped. The libs says it’s all garbage. I look at it this way; if it’s being talked about in such great depth there has got to be truth there. As for Obama – what can I say. His forces will make him win again. My grams once told me and I’ve heard it before, “Birds of a Feather, Flock Together”….O and his Advisors. However, I also Stand with Israel.

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