American Collapse: Why You have No Change, No Hope, and No Job

By: Don Hank
Gulag Bound

Time to ring out the old economic paradigm and ring in the new one.

Linked below is a bombshell article about the US (and by extension, world) economy, or rather what is left of it. Kindly read it and my commentary below the link.

An outmoded graphic; it only goes up to 2005

In the old US (and much of Europe, for the most part) and its old economy, your economic success was tied to your energy, intelligence, ingenuity and risk-taking willingness, and also to your integrity and willingness to sacrifice yourself at times for your clients. In the new economy, that paradigm has dwindled and is being lost, especially the last part, integrity.

The people who run our world are truly destroying this whole system and taking us back to the feudalism of the Middle Ages, where precious few owned it all and the rest broke their backs working for them. What we now have all around us running the economy are not entrepreneurs but a bunch of con artists, who are taking America apart piece by piece, à la Goldmann-Sachs, with the government’s blessing and with taxpayer assistance. They aren’t doing this through the free market, as the Left assumes, and they aren’t necessarily doing it entirely through oversized government, as the Right proclaims. Rather, they are accomplishing their wanton destruction through a partnership between government and business that cuts out newcomers and creates a static society.

This is the same system Mussolini developed. It was called fascism then. You are welcome to call it that today as well, although many are calling it “corporatism.” Whatever you call it, it is destroying your savings, your income, your buying power, and you and your family. If America is still standing today it is by the sheer grace of God. But don’t expect Him to keep helping those who will not help themselves!

Under the old paradigm, if you pointed out that the richest 1% control two thirds of the wealth (according to #48 below, that is true!), conservatives would blast you for saying that, claiming you were envious. Some die hards are still saying that.

But envy is no longer the operative term. The term today is survival, as you will see from this eye-opening article (link courtesy of Steph Jasky of FedUpUSA).

The old (freedom) paradigm:

Business and government were separate and we were free to be prosperous.

The new (slavery) paradigm:

Business is stifling the economy by teaming up with government.

Government is stifling the economy by teaming up with business.


Never vote for a Democrat, even for dog catcher, and never vote for a RINO, even for dog catcher. Educate yourself as to who the RINOs are. As you dig deeper, you will be surprised how many “conservatives” aren’t. Get involved, fight for economic freedom and an end to the banker-controlled autocracy supported by corrupt government. Spread the word. Time is running out.


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6 thoughts on “American Collapse: Why You have No Change, No Hope, and No Job

    1. BINGO!!!

      They call it “Community Organizing”. And it is a huge cancer in this country, at every level of just about everything, and it is absolutely everywhere.

      I did a little research into this a while back and I couldn’t believe what I found. I mean it is ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE! It is the left’s M.O. They invented it, grew it, know it through and through, and use it to their full advantage. I could never figure out how so few became so powerful, and I found this is what is the very heart of how they did it. It is why there are so many left groups, constantly everywhere, coming, going, springing up everywhere, everyday. And more and more they are working hand in hand with all parts of gov’t agencies, infiltrating everything. They even basically write all of the legislation/bills now. They lobby and work tirelessly, slowly infiltrating and taking over. It IS ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE AND INTO EVERYTHING!!! I’ve been writing numerous letters to any/all I can think of, trying to wake them all up and find ways to stop it/them.

      It also goes hand in hand with the millions of grants given out at every level of gov’t, as well as the non/not for profit status they all obtain.

      It is a huge cancer that has spread absolutely everywhere and is killing this country!


      I’d like to see some in-depth reporting on this very subject!

      1. The only cancer in this country is the tumor consuming most of your skull that you mistake for a brain and has hopefully killed you or rendered you a vegetable by the time of this posting.

  1. No change.
    No hope.
    No job.

    No Kidding?

    Americans are getting fighting mad now; and we have always been able to rise to the challenge when presented to us, for America is the future of the world, we are the greatest nation around, and it shall always be.

  2. Didn’t deTocqueville in ‘Democracy in America’ say that eventually those would arrive who would seek to cut out newcomers?

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