5 thoughts on “The Last Nail – Floor Speech May 25 2011

  1. Thanks trevorloudon.com for posting this speech. While I appreciate that some of Paul’s positions (foreign policy?) may be difficult for the people behind this site to come to grips with, his presidential candidacy must be recognized and supported by any human that truly values liberty. This website’s slogan proclaims liberty advocacy.

    There is no better proven, more sincere, knowledgeable or capable citizen statesmen alive in America today defending liberty. And we are fortunate enough to have him devoting himself to a presidential bid. I sincerely hope this website will start supporting Ron Paul’s presidential effort.

    What is left of the Great Experiment the American founders envisioned is disappearing fast. There is no one else with the credentials to give us even a hope that this disintegration can be reversed.

    Ron Paul 2012.

  2. If we don’t vote every single socialist/communist out of office ASAP, then we deserve whatever we get. We will not forget the part the press played in all of this. Issa better get started trying to weed out the corrupt. That should almost empty both houses and the White House for sure.

  3. America is great; our Government sucks. Are we doomed to see America destroyed under the onslaught of the democratic progressive socialists? When will some brave men in Congress (an oxymoron?) call for the impeachment of Obama and all judges and congress-persons who abuse the rights of people and either usurp ungranted powers or disregard the rule of law and the Constitution?

    Complacent and ignorant describe the “voting public”.

    Arrogant and self-serving describe our gov’t officials starting with Obama!

    Passivity will lead to loss of freedom and loss of the greatest Country the world has ever known, if we don’t wake up to the dangers of the World Progressive movement, led by Obama in this Country!

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