RINO Hunt – Hey, Big Spender!

By: Dick Manasseri

Hey, Big Spender!
RINO Bill Shuster (PA-9)
The Party’s Over May 20th!!

Recognize these Transportation-&-Infrastructure (T&I) Lobbyists?
(I think I see the Chamber of Commerce in the Center,
And, yeah, there’s Big-Labor and its comrade TARP on the Left.)

These folks are mighty expensive and their “pimp” is…
Bill Shuster (PA-9)

House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Chair
affectionately known as the “Prince of Asphalt”
needs to be repaid for his costly corporate welfare deal-making with a resounding loss to:

Constitutionalist Art Halvorson
in the May 20th Republican primary.

The country has run up a “tab” of $17 trillion and RINOs like Shuster can no longer hide their collaboration with Big-Government Progressives, including Speaker Boehner.

Shuster voted to raise the debt ceiling 8 times!
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Shuster is the embodiment of the big government tendencies.”
In the past, he has voted for Cash for Clunkers, credit card regulations and TARP… Throughout his career on T & I, Shuster has been a leading proponent of the current statist federal transportation policy that wastes money on mass transit and blocks devolution of transportation authority to the states. He is a big porker…

Despite the fact that PA-9 is a very conservative District, it has been represented by Bill Shuster or his dad, “King of Asphalt Bud Shuster,” for the last 40 years as a result GOP backroom deals.

The Madison Project identifies PA-9 as one of the biggest mismatches in the country: Rep. Shuster “conservative” voting index is only 59% whereas his constituency warrants a score of 90% based on their own presidential voting records.

PA-9 deserves better, much better:

Art Halvorson:

• Pro-Life
• Supports debt limits tied to spending cuts + a balanced budget
• Would shut down Education, Energy and Commerce Depts.
• No Amnesty
• Would replace Boehner with a true conservative
• Views similar to Rep. Justin Amash (MI-3), Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-1) and Rep. Jim Bridenstine (OK-1)
Daniel Horowitz-Madison Project Endorsement: June 3, 2013

We Can No Longer Afford the Shuster Family “Big Spender” Dynasty!
Tell Shovel-Ready Shuster to Shove(l) It!

$$upport Art Halvorson

Watch this space for the next RINO Hunt Call-to-Concerted-Action!

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5 thoughts on “RINO Hunt – Hey, Big Spender!

  1. The comparison attempt of the conservative constituency against the district’s member of Congress voting record was interesting. Perhaps more can be made of the father-son continuum. These family dynasties (e.g. the Dingell-berries in Michigan) remind me of a titled aristocracy that the Constitution frowns upon. You would think well-meaning newcomers would shy away from seeking public office when a governing seat has been in the family for some period of years.

  2. Once again, we congratulate our friend, Dick Manasseri, for his work to expose another RINO that needs to be primaried out. It is no longer sufficient for a candidate to have the letter “R” after his or her name to automatically get classified as a “conservative.” As those of us who are “RINO hunters” aproach the primary season, we are well admonished in the Bible to “remove the beam from our own eye that we may see clearly to remove the speck from our brother’s eye.” If the Democrats are the “speck’ in the eye of the body politic, then the GOP must remove the RINO “beam” from the eye of the Republican party in the primary season. The only relevance that the GOP can have in the future depends on its ability to take back the leadership of the party from the RINO’s. If this does not happen in 2014, we are looking at a the TEA Party breaking from the GOP to form a new, truly conservative party. It’s make or break time for the GOP.

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