5 thoughts on “SPECIAL REPORT: Indiana Citizens Take Back 4th Amendment

  1. Be vigilant that there is no co-opting of the so called revolution by wolves in sheep clothing. Make sure you are educated on our constitution and what our rights as LEGAL CITIZENS are. Progressives are very happy to lie and obfuscate to meet their goals, lable is with something that sounds like it will represent you as per your beliefs, example is the organization of Media Matters. They sound like they are for open free press and speach, but if you don’t talk the liberal drivel then they will attack that radio program or news organization with out right slander or at nest weak proof.

    I do stand for our freedom and constitution and very sick and tired of the name calling etc from those loosing liberal views.

    4 th amendment must stand in ALL STATES!

  2. We had better understand the difference between “unalienable rights” derived from the Creator and “civil rights” derived from Congress.

    “Americanism” as a free society is found only on the State level. Only State governments recognize God as the source of our “natural” rights. Only State governments recognize “Natural Law” (common-law of liberty).

    The “federal” government is an “international law” authority; a military jurisdiction that only enforces law, it does not protect rights, other than those derived from statute (“civil rights”).

    This federal international law authority is the same “alien juisdiction” complained of in the Declaration of Independance that our Founders rebelled against, and purged and expelled from the land. A “wall of separation” was erected between these two incompatible jurisdictions, between Congress and the States and the citizens protected by them. There is no “federal” Americanism.

    We have now re-submitted to this federal “alien jurisdiction”, the “master-servant” relationship has reversed. Congress is again our undisputed master. Our “legal” rights are now founded in statutes (Civil Rights Acts) enacted by Congress. Statutory rights are dependant upon the outcome of a vote, subject to change at every election, or every change of whim of Congress.

    While our God given “natural” rights which pre-date government supercede law, contract supercedes rights. We all have “contracted” with our “servants” seeking privileges therefrom. The “principal-agent” relationship is also reversed.

    We have contractually agreed to the conditions our former “servants” have attached to our reciept of these privileges. These abuses we now complain about are contract “specific performance” obligations we have breached. We are the objects of “compelled performance” enforcement.

    Where there is a contract, rights are presumed “waived”. Rights arguements are not a defense and are inadmissible in breach of contract disputes. A “free” person is a “free-agent”, one not having a contract.

  3. Good!

    One state at a time and we will win back the nation for where we are to be, and away from the progressives nightmare being brought to life.

    Let the evil and darkness of the government be shown for all to see and hear; and may God grant those who fail to heed the watchmen on the walls his mercy when it comes to a end.

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