Obama-linked Extremist Group Publishes “HIT LIST” of Anti-Sharia Females in the U.S.

Doug Ross @ Journal

By Judicial Watch

The Obama-tied leftist group that helped a gunman commit an act of terrorism against a conservative organization has assembled a starter kit for Islamists to attack American women who refuse to comply with Sharia law, the authoritarian doctrine that inspires Islamists and their jihadism.

It’s the summer special from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an extremist nonprofit that lists conservative organizations that disagree with it on social issues on a catalogue of “hate groups.” A few years ago a gunman received a 25-year prison sentence for carrying out the politically-motivated shooting of the Family Research Council (FRC) headquarters after admitting that he learned about the FRC from the SPLC “hate map.” Prosecutors called it an act of terrorism and recommended a 45-year sentence.

Now the SPLC, which has conducted diversity training for the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ), is targeting female bloggers, activists and television personalities who refuse to comply with Sharia law which is rooted in the Quran. The European Court on Human rights has repeatedly ruled that Sharia is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy” yet politically-connected radical Muslim groups—such as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)—keep pushing to implement it in the United States and the movement has gained steam.

Among those resisting this effort publicly are the high-profile women being targeted by the SPLC. Some of them are colleagues or friends of Judicial Watch and now they must fear for their safety simply for practicing their rights under the U.S. Constitution. The new hate list is titled Women Against Islam/The Dirty Dozen and includes illustrations and detailed information on all the women, who are branded “the core of the anti-Muslim radical right.” The new SPLC hate brochure further targets them by claiming that they’re “a dozen of the most hardline anti-Muslim women activists in America.”

Political activist and commentator Pamela Geller is branded the “country’s most flamboyant and visible Muslim-basher” for, among other things “smearing and demonizing Muslims.” Blogger Ann Barnhardt is identified as one of the “most extreme Muslim-bashers in the United States” and radio talk-show host Laura Ingram made the list for saying that hundreds of millions of Muslims were delighted that 12 people were massacred by Islamic terrorists in the Paris headquarters of a satirical magazine. Former CIA agent Clare Lopez, who runs a Washington D.C. think-tank focusing on national security issues, made the list for saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has “infiltrated and suborned the U.S. government to actively assist…the mission of its grand jihad.”

Others appearing on the anti-Sharia docket include television personality and former judge and prosecutor Jeanine Pirro, former chairwoman of the Texas Republican Party Cathie Adams, talk-show host Sandy Rios of the American Family Association, syndicated columnist Diana West, attorney and columnist Debbie Schlussel, blogger Cathy Hinners, ACT! for America founder Brigitte Gabriel and conservative writer and TV personality Ann Coulter. Among her biggest offenses, according to the SPLC, is proclaiming that “not all Muslims may be terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims—at least all terrorists capable of assembling a murderous plot against America.”

Incredibly, the SPLC is one of a number of leftist special interest groups that has colluded with the DOJ since Obama moved into the White House. A few years ago JW uncovered government records that show the DOJ Civil Rights and Tax divisions engaged in questionable behavior while negotiating for SPLC co-founder Morris Dees to appear as the featured speaker at a 2012 “Diversity Training Event.” JW pursued the records under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to determine what influence the SPLC’s branding of hate groups has had on government agencies.

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2 thoughts on “Obama-linked Extremist Group Publishes “HIT LIST” of Anti-Sharia Females in the U.S.

  1. There is an unholy alliance between Marxism and Islam. Obama had said that America is a Muslim country when in fact it was not yet a Muslim country. But there is a visible effort to bring a sufficient number of Muslims in the country to transform it into a nation with a majority population of Muslims. The removal of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya and Hosni Mubarak in Egypt in order to advance the Muslim Brotherhood was an effort led by the Obama Administration. The actions of the State Department to aid in the controversial installation of Morsi as president in Egypt met with violent reaction by the Egyptians resulting in the Egyptian charges against Obama for aiding the Muslim Brotherhood. The US military aid to the creation of ISIS resulted in the wholesale slaughter of Christians across the Middle East and Africa. The Agenda to make true Obama’s statement that America is a Muslim nation is apparent by the actions of his Administration through the appointment of Muslims to key positions in government and cooperation with CAIR and the SPLC efforts to advance Sharia Law. George Soros, moreover, cannot be exempt from complicity in the Marxist agenda to aid the Muslim Brotherhood to power. The Marxists in the Political Left are clearly allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. It is an unholy alliance to further their mutual goals to extinguish Jews, Christians and capitalism. The power and financial resources behind this unholy effort are so substantial that no one can oppose Obama or Soros or CAIR or SPLC. Even the key Republicans Boehner and McConnell are part of the unholy alliance and all anyone can do is complain. No one has enough power to stop Obama and the Political Left from ushering in Islam in America as in France and Britain. From the Muslim perspective, once they conquer America they can conquer the world.

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