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President Obama placed our soldiers under UN NATO control for his war in Libya without consulting the United States Congress. Using our soldiers and our military assets according to what the “international community” global elites decide is clearly what Obama is interested in doing.

Another example of weakening America’s military defense was Obama’s push to enact the START Treaty. In short, the START Treaty places decisions about America’s defense in the hands of Russia and the global elites. Since when has an American president ceded our ability to defend our country by placing it in the hands of globalists who hate America? Obama has done the unthinkable… but there’s more.

The “Responsibility to Protect” (R2P) doctrine employed by the UN and advanced by Obama is beyond dangerous. Within the globalist’s charter is the ability to deem civil rights violations an offense warranting military action against the offending country.

No U.S. President in their right mind would ever condone R2P because of the simple realization that, at any time, R2P could be used against America. Obama is well aware that America is hated by other countries and their intent is to destroy our free market system and our way of life; numerous videos provide irrefutable evidence of this, as well as Middle East countries calling for “Death to America!” What would stop the UN global elites from claiming U.S. violations to warrant international military action?

Aren’t the liberals, led by George Soros, Obama, Eric Holder and their Marxist “community organizers,” calling for prosecution of the Bush administration for war crimes? “War crimes” (subject to the global elites’ definition of such) falls under the R2P charter too. Imagine future U.S. administrations that aren’t ‘in’ with the global elite’s like Obama; the global elites already have imagined it.

It’s no coincidence that Obama joined the UN Human Rights council and brought forth “abuses” committed by America. The “abuses” weren’t stoning women to death, suicide bombings or killing gays. No, it’s worse than that. According to President Obama, America is committing abuse by enforcing the laws of our land with regard to people who illegally cross our border.

Obama’s rules of engagement on the battlefield in Afghanistan and Iraq have been hidden from the American people. Few know that when Obama took the helm as Commander In Chief, he deliberately enacted procedures which place our soldiers at greater risk of injury and death to ensure they will be unable to succeed. Requiring that they receive approval from an attorney before they fire on the enemy and handing out awards to soldiers who do not fire on the enemy are just a couple of the unspeakable things Obama has done to harm our soldiers.

Soldier suicides, including National Guardsmen and Reservist’s, have skyrocketed under Obama’s command. In the past 5 years, a total of 975 suicides occurred – of which 543 (56%) were under Obama’s watch in just the past 2 years. 2009 saw 242 suicides and 2010 brought 301 suicides.

Now the President’s comrades, to include those in the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), Unions and Weather Underground (terrorist’s Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Mark Rudd, etc.), want to decrease military spending. Obama starts a third war and his cohorts call for reductions in defense spending knowing that it will squeeze our military to the brink of collapse.

Obama’s unspeakable rules of engagement, START Treaty, R2P and his push to decrease military funding – along with everything else he is doing to subvert our military defense capabilities – represent his intention and actions to weaken America’s military defense.

In addition, the globalists (including Obama and Hillary Clinton) intend to enact the Small Arms Treaty which will restrict gun ownership for American citizens under the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs. Harm our soldiers and disarm our citizens and America is ripe for attack and invasion on our own soil. Couple the Small Arms Treaty with the President’s Executive Order granting international police (INTERPOL) full immunity on American soil, along with the National Civilian Security Force that Obama has been creating, and the clear and present danger to America is obvious.

The danger to America is reinforced by Eric Holder’s DOJ secretly arming Mexico’s drug cartel to put American citizens at greater risk in border states and Obama arming radical Islamists in Libya to put American soldiers at greater risk under UN control in Libya.

It’s stunning to see how Obama is actively aiding and abetting the destruction of America in every possible way.

If there is a military or Constitutional expert willing to examine the totality of President Obama’s actions that are weakening America’s military and civilian defenses, the time to do so is right now – without hesitation.

Is there anyone up to the task who hasn’t been bought off by the global elites?





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