3 thoughts on “Revolutionary Socialist Group Planing to Recruit Children in JR High School

  1. Is there really a surprise here? This is always the tactic, of the far left, brainwash theyoung and idealistic. They too Recruit With ZEAL.

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  3. The presence of many youth is not an indicator of “relevance”; it is an indicator of duplicitous motives on the part of educators. It is a reflection of propagandistic teaching materials for which the public pays a great deal.

    The public pays — the public that own private property, that is. Much of this is paid for via property taxes.

    What an idiot! He thinks that a dearth of private ownership is the panacea? Is he kidding? Has he been living in a bubble? a box? a dusty, public-owned housing apartment?

    He thinks war and greed will end when the ruling elite are ruling over us?


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