Red Flag of Earth Day

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Our anti-capitalist comrades, tree huggers and whaling ship protesters have April 22nd on all our calendars, Earth Day; a time to mark the progressive movement’s entrance onto the grand stage of political upheaval. Who would have thought Gaylord Nelson’s efforts would have made such inroads into destroying capitalism and the foundations of industrial America?

Had industrial giants taken the initiative of self-discipline, the EPA may never have been created. Admittedly there were problems in the way industry failed to manage production; massive air pollutants spewed into the atmosphere and waterways treated as cesspools with little regard for anything other than profit. The knee jerk public became aware of pollution. Who can forget the pathetic tear rolling down the cheek of a Native American Indian with roaring smoke stacks behind his canoe? We the People reacted to the dangers presented by the media and the EPA was born, perhaps not the best term to describe the environmental movement; set the stage for political activism on a scale which has permitted the near destruction of capitalism.

It wasn’t enough to bring industry into line with reasonable modifications for both ecological preservation and industrial prosperity. The progressive movement which hijacked the so-called “environmental movement,” had been waiting in the wings, as it were, for the lights on “Main Street” to all be “green” at precisely that moment, a chance to alter America’s path toward socialism.

Early on, the EPA became a champion of the people, spotlighting polluters and making them do what should have been done years ago. The next logical step was to implement other “tweaks” to the system; nothing which would stand out as pure socialism or affronts to capitalism, yet would set the tone for more demands and adjustments; impositions which would eventually bring capitalism to its knees.

Here is where bureaucracy appointed administrators rather than elected representation; here is where bureaucracy is able to defeat the will of the people. Folks with an ulterior agenda, one other than pure water and air. Folks with an ulterior agenda to cripple capitalism through industry killing mandate after mandate took control of environmental groups such as Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, The Climate Project (Al Gore) and of course we couldn’t leave out Greenpeace.

Most ecological “grassroots” organizations, (what exactly does grassroots imply?), grassroots organizations started off as relatively obscure conservation groups intending to do their part to save a portion of what they considered an important ecosystem. Along the way, as it is expressed in many articles, “they matured.” They matured into vast political power wielding tentacles of the progressive/socialist/communist party agenda. The driving interest has little to do with saving tree frogs or muted owls; rather, their goal is to destroy industry through Lilliputian mandates in order to prevent the mythical global warming disaster. It’s all based on lies!

They presented a doomsday scenario. One which could only be averted by extreme and very costly measures, unpopular and yet necessary to save the future for ourselves and our children. Only a selfish capitalist or a fool, would stand up and fight against preventing doomsday. It became a settled issue, one which could not be approached without considerable risk to both standing and livelihood.

“Much like 1970, Earth Day 2010 came at a time of great challenge for the environmental community. Climate change deniers, well-funded oil lobbyists, reticent politicians, a disinterested public, and a divided environmental community all contributed to a strong narrative that overshadowed the cause of progress and change. In spite of the challenge, for its 40th anniversary, Earth Day Network reestablished Earth Day as a powerful focal point around which people could demonstrate their commitment. Earth Day Network brought 225,000 people to the National Mall for a Climate Rally, amassed 40 million environmental service actions toward its 2012 goal of A Billion Acts of Green®, launched an international, 1-million tree planting initiative with Avatar director James Cameron and tripled its online base to over 900,000 community members.”

Their power base depends, to a certain extent, on “We the Sheeple” rather than a well informed electorate formerly known as “We the People.” Through mass media, which is part of their power base, they have been able to spread their well-constructed lies to the point of bringing the most productive industrial nation nearly to its knees, all in the name of saving the future for “our children.” Who could possibly be against saving the future of our children? “The world is on fire,” isn’t that what Al Gore proclaimed?

Greenpeace was one of the first parties to formulate a sustainable development scenario for climate change mitigation, which it did in 1993. According to sociologists Marc Mormont and Christine Dasnoy, Greenpeace played a significant role in raising public awareness of global warming in the 1990s.”

Unfortunately for the “Church of Man-Made Global Warming,” folks are becoming aware of the lies, the phony made-up statistics which were the basis for the IPCC’s report to the United Nations. The same report which the EPA has used to press for further impossible mandates on energy producers here in the United States. Obama promised to stop evil coal and oil industries when he got elected; and he’s done a good job at killing off quite a few jobs in the process.

And so, with wild enthusiasm for saving the future for our children, the United Nations has finally begun its march to the sea, creating all encompassing mandates which would define Mother Earth as being equal to man in every way. Able to bring suit against anyone who might defile her nether regions, suck at the teat too much or betray her womb. It must be coincidence; worldwide proclamations every April precede Earth Day, merely a coincidence. Happy Earth Day!

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1 thought on “Red Flag of Earth Day

  1. The irony is not lost on me that the Global Warming or Climate Change garbage is an admitted to fraud. The UN scientists have all stated they used false and fabricated data, along with the fact the policies are nothing more than a move to redistribute the wealth of America to the rest of the world under the hands of the Un masters.

    How much would line their pockets and such in the process?

    God will demand a accounting of them soon enough.

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