Obama’s Facebook Townhall Today & My Question

By: Arlen Williams
Gulag Bound

This is the question that I had the honor of submitting, for the Bound and our visitors:

What should we think of a president that is mentored and developed by Frank Marshall Davis (communist), Vernon Jarrett (socialist), Leon Despres (friend of Trotsky), Jeremiah Wright (black liberation Marxist), Bill Ayers (communist, anarchist, terrorist), who specializes in the strategies and tactics of Saul Alinsky (neo-Marxist thought leader), and who works hand in glove with George Soros (face of Marxist/fascist globalism), Andy Stern (“workers of the world unite”), and Richard Trumka (works with Communist Party USA, “play with matches you get burned” apparent conspirator to murder)?

The address in Facebook:


President Obama’s facebook townhall – April 20 @ 1:45pm PDT / 4:45pm EDT

Time: Wednesday, April 20 · 4:30pm – 5:30pm [Gulag ed.: Central Time]

Location: facebook HQ & www.facebook.com/WhiteHouse or http://apps.facebook.com/facebooklive

Created By: The White House

More Info:

President Barack Obama will hold a special “Facebook Live” townhall to connect with Americans across the country.

Where? Well, everywhere! The event at Facebook’s headquarters, with CEO Mark Zuckerberg & COO Sheryl Sandberg, will be live streamed for anyone to watch. Just come back here at the right time: Wednesday, April 20 @ 1:45pm PDT / 4:45pm EDT. Unless invited to attend in person, …please do not show up at Facebook HQ. You can watch and participate via the event’s live stream.

President Obama will connect with Americans across the country to discuss the tough choices we must all make in order to put our economy on a more responsible fiscal path, while still investing in areas like innovation that will help our economy grow and make America more competitive.

Facebook will be selecting questions for President Obama to answer during the event. Submit questions now by posting them right here, on this event’s wall. As an alternative, you may submit a question via WhiteHouse.gov/facebooktownhall.

Then you definitely need to make sure you’re a fan of the White House on Facebook! Facebook.com/WhiteHouse

Then I asked him if Barack Hussein Obama Sr. is really his father, which means he is an illegitimate president, or if his father is someone else.


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