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  1. I've stood with other patriots before our local courthouse, in front of our Congressman's local office, and at the Capitol. I've stood with other patriots outside — getting soaked to the skin three times — as the President spoke inside (where my husband was standing, at the mock "Town Hall" Meeting at our local Kroger store — He had just had to take a job there, his illustration business nearly dead from this frightening economic disaster we're in).

    Every time we said the Pledge of Allegiance. Every time we said prayers. Every time we sang such songs as "God Bless America."

    Every time I met wonderful people with terrific senses of humor. They were business people, retirees, small business owners, coal mining folk, college grads and pre-Med students.

    I saw families with strollers waiting patiently with others in long lines to get through security to go to their Congressman's offices. All was peaceful, concerned, and patriotic. (No racial slurs, no trash — verbal or otherwise — going on.)

    We're a little weary from being ignored. I'm overwhelmed with new financial burdens. But we're still here, even if our own government did ignore us in March. Even when Congress decided to find a way around Constitutionally-binding processes for passing legislation, even when Congress "passed" legislation without the consent of the governed, we didn't just give up.

    Call us what you will, Mr. President, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, and others who would destroy our Republic. We'll wear your ridicule as a badge of honor.

    If you can't recognize patriots when you see them, if you can't hear patriots who gather together time and again, who email and phone and fax you repeatedly, begging you to please honor and fulfill your pledge to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America, asking you stop the outrageous spending that is bankrupting this country — If you refuse to see us and refuse to acknowledge our voices and your own sworn oaths to do your duty — then your name-calling cannot wound us.

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