Communist Party Predicts Huge May Day Rallies Across America – Left Exploits Immigrants

John Wojcik

Communist Party USA labor journalist John Wojcik is predicting huge labor union/immigrant rallies across America on May 1.

The US left wants to legalize millions of illegal immigrants, because they know that the vast majority will vote Democrat. In these times of high unemployment,  resentment among many unionized and unionized workers and the unemployed against illegal immigrants is high.

Therefore the left is deliberately trying to bring all these groups into an alliance behind Barack Obama and the Democrats and against the G.O.P.

From today’s Peoples World

Hundreds of thousands across the nation marching and rallying this May Day will be fusing two of the great struggles of the day – the fight for workers’ rights and the fight for immigrant rights.

The labor movement, rejecting the notion that immigrants are taking jobs away from the native-born, has jumped with both feet into the fight for immigrant rights.

“Workers’ rights and immigrant rights are connected,” said James Parks, a spokesperson for the AFL-CIO. “CEO-backed politicians are targeting all working people – including immigrants – with their corporate-sponsored political agenda and continuing power grab.”

In the wake of the massive and prolonged demonstrations in Wisconsin it is no surprise that almost all the marches and rallies will demand protection for collective bargaining rights.

Rally organizers stress, however, that in addition demonstrators will call for comprehensive immigration reform, starting with passage of the Dream Act. The Dream Act would provide undocumented young people with a route to legal residency through either higher education or service in the military.

“These May Day marches are driven by the same spirit of activism and commitment that drives our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin and every other community that is now fighting back against the attacks on working people,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.

Trumka is the featured speaker at a rally in Milwaukee that the labor federation expects will draw at least 60,000 people. Unions and their allies will use the rally to boost recall drives now underway against Republican senators who stripped workers of their collective bargaining rights…

“Corporate greed. Working people rallying in the streets. It sounds like Madison, Wisconsin,” said Jorge Ramirez, president of the Chicago Federation of Labor. But it’s actually the scene from Haymarket Square in Chicago. One hundred and twenty-five years later, working people are in the fight of their lives for the right to have a voice at work through collective bargaining.”

The national federation’s secretary-treasurer, Liz Shuler, will address the thousands of Chicago workers expected to gather on May 1 at the site of the Haymarket martyrs’ monument in Forest Park Cemetery.

Executive Vice President Arlene Holt Baker will speak at a mass rally in New York.

March organizers in Boston are connecting their action to the fight for workers’ rights around the world. They expect thousands to demonstrate under their theme of “From Cairo to Wisconsin to Massachusetts, Defend All Workers’ Rights.”

Houston could well see one of its largest workers’ rights demonstrations ever. The Labor Council for Latin American Advancement in that city is joining with the labor and community-backed Houston United for a rally that will also demand both workers’ rights and immigrant rights.

Hector Sanchez, executive director of LCLAA, says the labor movement and immigrant rights struggles complement one another.

“Now is the time to grow up as a nation,” he said, “and we need to stop bullying immigrants. We need a smart policy that is good for all workers, one that will help us recover from one of the worst economic downturns in U.S. history. Immigration reform can be the first step in that direction.”

In many cities the May Day demonstrations will bring union and immigrant rights activists together in support of ongoing local struggles.

To see how the US left cynically exploits immigrants for votes, go here


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13 thoughts on “Communist Party Predicts Huge May Day Rallies Across America – Left Exploits Immigrants

  1. Communism Boo! Watch out or the Communist Boogey man will get you! Be afrraid! Be Very afraid of communists, muslims and gay abortions. Then be happy for the rich and go eat dirt you parasite poor people, and if you get hungry, put the rush limbaugh show in the refridgerator.

    1. Funny, when did the Communist disappear or renounce their desire to bring this nation down? I am curious since I served during the Cold War. In fact, I am willing to bet you are not even old enough to know what a Communist is.

  2. LEGAL Immigrant in the United States have rights and a lot more than most other countries. ILLEGAL Immigrants means that! They have broken a Federal Law and need to be punished – PERIOD – Full Stop!Every Nation has immigration laws and they are enforced! How many American being held in Iran, North Korea. If an illegal is caught here in the States we either let them go or send them home on our dime. Stop the flow then come up with a plan that is reasonable, enforceable, manageable and works!

  3. This demonstrates the addage of one old saying:

    Which is the more foolish? The fool, or the fool following the fool who is led by another fool?

    This is the union of progressives, socialists, communists and of the labor unions leadership as directed behind the scenes by the minions of Soros. And if they think he will allow them to have the final say in power, they are grade A nuts and fools.

    It will only be a matter of time before the groups turn on each other and he(soros) turns upon them in a feeding frenzy that will make the civil war mild by comparison.

    1. “It will only be a matter of time,” you said.

      But please don’t forget that, for a vivid instance, in Russia, that “time” lasted 73 years! And caused a complete moral decay of the entire nation, the decay that we can smell even 20 years after that Unionized-Commie-Proletariat horror ended.
      So, don’t take this domestic creeping horror so light-heartedly.

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