8 thoughts on “Allen West Won’t Back Down

  1. I like Allen West and he’s 100% correct here–but to all you tea partiers watching this: remember, he voted for the reauthorization of the Patriot Act provisions that were expiring! Too many “good people” in this movement talk out of both sides of their mouth. You can’t be for limited gov’t, the Constitution, and the rule of law one day and support the Patriot Act and these aggressive wars and militarism the next. The two cannot coincide if you have true believe in the Constitution, limited gov’t, etc.!

  2. Love,love what I’ve seen of West. Rarely do you find a politician who’s values are written in stone and who doesn’t apologize for his convictions. Now the question….how do we convince him- and the Republican establishment- that he’s our guy?…..

  3. Here we see the makings of a REAL leader. He is intellegent enough to identify our enemy and courageous enought to face him down.

    West is absolutely right, obama is a lowly “community organizer”, previously known as a “communist instigator”, untill Saul Alinsky respelled the term.

    “Community organizers” (communist instigators) are DESTROYERS, not builders and developers. They foment revolutions that decimate stable societies. They market violence and anarchy to acheive these ends. Just look around the world and see how these “people’s revolutions” all turned out. The only revolution that did not produce carnage and misery for humanity is the American Revolution.

    Obama is an incompetant total buffoon. The only thing he has ever achieved is winning an election.

    It has been written, by their fruits shall you know them. It is very obvious who the REAL American is here, and who is the fake.

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