25 thoughts on “Why Allen West MUST Run in 2012

  1. It’s time for Alan West to get his highly qualified a** in the race. It may not be the best time for him personally or strategically, but his country needs him NOW!

  2. @Jody

    Get a life. You talk like some piddling intellectual, waiting for everything to just sort itself out somehow. I think you may be French. It’s all so complicated and utterly meaningless. You’ll be the one waving the white flag when the nazi march into Paris.

    Try using your eloquence when the Obama security force knocks at your door. I’d love to be there when you try to explain the the Imam that wearing a burkha destroy healthy hair and poses safety hazrds. Get some knee pads girls cause that’s how you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

    This is not personal and I’m not looking for a relationship. This is your wake up call. I don’t know you but I know what you said and I know where it’s going to lead you.

    And now you know what I think.

  3. Janet Thank you.

    Israel was founded with the help of a Black man, Ralph Bunche and now another Black American has re-opened the gates to the ovens.

    In the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s the American Jew liberals worked tirelessly and sometime were murdered helping African-Americans to secure the right to vote.

    For hundreds of years African Americans in chains prayed to a Jewish God and told stories of Jewish heroes and martyrs and kept their humanity though thousands of very dark days using essentially a Jewish history book.

    But my comment is not about liberal American Jews. They are their own worst enemy and just like in 1917 Russia, they will soon wake up to find how their arrogance and pride has put them back into chains. Obama has knocked the liberal American Jew on to his butt and is now spitting in a stupid, liberal white face. What goes around…

    The truth can be pretty ugly sometimes.

    This is about Col West. You need to stop dancing around, Col. West. You need to declare. The fight is here and the fight is now. It’s not in 2016 and it not when the effete Republican party gets around to you.

    Black people are as vested in this country as anyone. And Black people have to accept as much responsibility for the failure of the Jewish state as anyone. And today you don’t get to stand back and “let George do it.” Step up, we’re behind you. Takes out the Obama-trash and restore law. We don’t have time to vet you or groom you or create cover stories so that you can have a miraculous birth.

    Damn it, you are the man. Maybe you wish it didn’t have to be you, but it does. Now let’s get the battle started and let’s win this war!

  4. Ike came off the battlefield into the Oval. Ready to serve? Run with Sarah. Fearless Team, not intimidated, in Christ. Please, sir.

  5. Good evening. I would ask those here who are adamantly opposed to the health insurance reforms, what are your plans on how we should avoid stepping on the people dying in the streets due to lack of health care? I don’t hear the left having any suggestions on this important matter, and I sure don’t want to compound those poor, undeserving wretches by accidentally kicking them when I exit a clinic or McDonalds, so I know that all of you far-seeing visionaries must have a method planned for this. Or will they become the next reality TV show? Mebbe giving out prizes to the one who can drop-kick some kid with cancer the farthest from the doorway! That’d be so awesome!

    Or, are you proposing that we continue our present totally inefficient policy of Emergency room-dispensing of anti-biotics and send them home ’til they get worse, then repeat?

    Seriously; what do you propose as an alternative to the miscarriage we call health care today?

    1. “Seriously; what do you propose as an alternative to the miscarriage we call health care today?” First, get government our of health care and stop believing the lies they tell you. Who do you think regulates health insurance companies? Socialist countries are getting away from central control of health care because IT DOES NOT WORK! It is staggering the number of people working in health care who take care of regulations and compliance rather than patients. And it is getting worse as ObamaCare is being implemented.

      Anyone who thinks health care will get better and more cost effective with ObamaCare has not studied history. I not wasting anymore time on you. There are ways to improve health care but will not be given serious consideration because it won’t benefit politicians and lobbyist. And the majority of you like like free stuff and don’t want to take responsibility for yourselves.

      As a health care provider of 30 plus years I am fed up with the lies about reform; fed up with meaningless meetings about regulations and compliance; fed up with citizens who want a free lunch and bitch to their legislators because they want more free stuff and wonder why we are trillions of dollars in debt.

      Good luck finding a health provider under ObamaCare. Thousands of providers are planning on quitting and I’m one of them!

  6. Janet wake up. How can you be so knowledgeable about history and politics and yet demonstrate such ignorance at the same time. There is already a declared republican candidate that embodies everything you say you want. His name is Ron Paul.

    Allen West is an infant on the scene. A likable individual that says the right things and probably means it, but hardly someone that has amply demonstrated that he has the principle, intellect and track record of constitutional defense to be worthy of the presidency. Do you imagine because he is black he is the perfect candidate? Is that how you arrive at your conclusion that an individual that no one heard about until 5 minutes ago is now ready to be our president? I like what I know about Allen West. That hardly means he is appropriate for the office of POTUS.

    The portion of the American electorate that has not been lost to Marx and fancies themselves believers in the Constitution and the continuation of the American Experiment need to turn off fox news and start doing their homework. If Ron Paul is unelectable then America is unsalvagable. In most of our lifetimes we have never seen a more knowledgeable, principled, eminently qualified citizen statesman running for the presidency than Ron Paul. I’m not going to write a long letter demonstrating why that is so. Do your own research. I challenge anyone to find a blemish (a deviation from constitutionality) on his decades long record of public service. His credentials are bulletproof. His integrity is bulletproof, even after half a lifetime of existing in the most vile cesspool of corruption and deceit that is the American congress. His positions on policy foreign and domestic are unassailable. He speaks frankly and openly to the American people. He told us more than thirty years ago that the predicament we are now in was coming, and told us how we could avoid it. He was mocked and ridiculed and he never wavered. He is still doing the same thing, and even now as the country crumbles around us because his admonitions and advice were never followed you take the time to make a video asking, where is our candidate?

    Who is Allen West? Let him prove himself. Maybe he will turn out to be a George Washington. He has hardly earned such a comparison as yet.

  7. West would be my #1 choice.

    Our government is not really another body of people. It is us. We use the excuse that we are a democracy (we are a Republic, not a democracy) to avoid making tough decisions. We borrow from defenseless children and then fail to repay the debt. We ALLOW spineless leaders to represent us. We fail to stop them because WE are spineless too. The only modern leader who stands out as being tough enough to defend my (our) values is West. He’s a natural. And good leaders are rare. So enough! GO WEST … and screw the press.

    This will not be easy to write, because I won’t lie to myself, but I’ll pledge my life, my fortune, and my honor, and I’ll vow to stand with West should he decide to run. Now is the time to stand. Now is the time to act. West, count me in as one of your foot soldiers.

    OK. Now what’s the next step? Let’s move. Today …

  8. Rep. Lt. Col. Allen West communicates well with his constituents as well as supporters outside of his district, like me. In his weekly round-up newsletter dated May 9, 2011, he included the following statement regarding his controversial healthcare vote: Quote:
    “We need to stop making empty gestures and get on to what we really must do for the sake of our great nation. I had made my position quite clear when I voted in the very first days of the 112th Congress to repeal the entire Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This bill, H.R. 1214, was not going to be considered in the United States Senate and was just going to die on Majority Leader Harry Reid’s desk. The best approach to completely ending Obamacare is through the Appropriations process by removing funding for this program. There is no doubt in my mind Obamacare needs to be completely repealed or defunded. We need to be focused, not on empty legislative gestures, but on the critical issues that confront our great nation: decreasing the debt, addressing the ever-increasing gas prices by establishing a viable energy policy, providing oversight about the foreign aid sent to Pakistan, a country that may have been harboring Osama bin Laden, and focusing on creating jobs to reduce unemployment, which is at nine percent and even higher in South Florida.” end quote

    West IS seeking the most definitive/conclusive/expedient path to ending ObamaCare.

  9. Sound the damn charge …. he won’t lay back, just build it and he will show up, mount the hills, the valley and all the roads, MAKE YOUR OWN YARD SIGN and put it in your yard, NOW!!

    Go West young man but first take the capital in the east, then march across this land proud and tall and once again, do what is right! That’s what America is known for in the old country.

    Start a manhatten project on energy
    Abolish the IRS, give back the majority of education to the states,gear up big time competition in he health field (why haven’t they done that YET!!!!), fire the 9th judicial courts (hope that’s the right one:), drill baby drill, streamline all methods and procedures in government – review and reduce almost all salaries and of course, seriously reduce taxes … annouce now and do it in 6 months after elected … go West

  10. This is one of the most articulate, to the point speech I have ever seen….I join with this woman and thousands others to plead with Allen West, PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT, YOU ARE THE NEXT GEORGE WASHINGTON, AMERICA NEEDS YOU!!! I know you are tired Congressman West…You have served our country valiantly. George Washington didn’t want to be President after leading the revolution. He said,”Have I not done enough for my country?” He then ran for President, giving his all for the cause of Freedom and Liberty! Please, hear us Congressman West…You are America’s only hope…No one else out there can beat Obama in 2012 but you. I, like you sir pledge my life, my fortune and my sacred honor to our country and our Constitution.

  11. I really do like Allen West to this point. Yes, I too want to make sure of where he stands on Obamacare. If any candidate is not strongly in favor of repeal, no matter how much I might like him/her otherwise, it would be a deal breaker!

  12. “Obe wan kanobi… you are our only help.”

    West…do we… can we trust you?

    We are at War. We pretend we aren’t, but as this video clearly announces whether we declare it or not, the reality exists. We will not survive as a Republic if we continue on the path we are on, or if we refuse to recognize the reality of what has happened in our country.

    Thank you Janet for your impassioned plea.

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