Chinese Warships in Australian Ports?

Australia’s last Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, warned the United States that China posed a military threat to the Pacific region.

Australian Defence White Papers have confirmed this assessment.

Now Kevin Rudd’s  replacement, Julia Gillard appears to discount the the Chinese threat theory idea and has moved towards allowing greater Chinese/Australian military co-operation. This will  include livefire exercises at sea and permission  for Chinese warships to dock in Australian ports.

It is worth remembering that Julia Gillard is a member of the socialist Australian Fabian Society, and began her political career in the orbit of the Communist Party of Australia.
Julia Gillard, fourth from left, and Chinese President Hu Jintao, fourth from right, attend a meeting at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.


Chinese warships could be heading to Australian ports this year after the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, took “a few small steps” towards military transparency and co-operation with President Hu Jintao.

Ms Gillard told the Herald last night her key meeting with Mr Hu was “friendly in demeanour”.

Her inaugural visit to Beijing as prime minister appears to have bookended two years of tensions which began with China’s taking umbrage with the 2009 Australian defence white paper, which it believed painted China as a military threat.

Western defence analysts are also concerned about the potential for a maritime accident triggering war, given China’s increasingly assertive conduct and the absence of the kind of maritime incident protocols that defused incidents between the US and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Ms Gillard said neither Mr Hu nor the Premier, Wen Jiabao, raised any concerns about Australia’s military relationships with the US, or its allies, and nor did she raise concerns about the People’s Liberation Army.

Instead, Ms Gillard and Mr Hu yesterday moved to build greater military co-operation including livefire exercises at sea and Chinese warships dock in Australia.

“[We] indicated a preparedness to keep discussing defence co-operation,” Ms Gillard told the Herald in an interview last night. “We have indicated we are open to ships visiting Australian ports [and] there’s some prospect that there will be some visiting before the end of the year.

“It’s a few small steps on a journey to better understanding each other’s military perspectives.

”Steps that enable us to better understand methods of organisation, protocols for working, are good things and obviously joint exercising assists with that.”

Will the Chinese Navy use such exercises and visits for espionage purposes?

Do Julia Gillard’s old communist associations and anti American views color her current strategic outlook?

Is Barack Obama, the only “security risk” currently leading a major Western country?


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6 thoughts on “Chinese Warships in Australian Ports?

  1. We surely have slipped from the most prominent country in the world, post pwar till 1972. From then we have been sold out by Labour (now Labor)- Whitlam got sacked and the rut was alreADY SET. Since then we have been dominated by complete idiots, commonly known as ”politicians” who are supposed to represent US.
    Why the Government do not renig on the agreement made with the UN and stae that we are not accepting ”boat people” anymore. Gets me wondering!! They renigged on most of their election promises.
    I suggest that they stop ”boot licking” and get a back bone.

  2. Every day that woman and her government is in power in this country, is another day our country goes down the toilet! Ever since the Watermelons and those pinko independents put her horrid government back into power, one disaster after another has ensued! Her stupid bloody carbon tax, if implemented, will ruin any industry in this country, her border policy is making us Asia’s whipping boy, and her presence is an absolute joke! All I can say is that thank God she only holds government by a one seat majority in a minority government, which is as flimsy as anything, and her poll numbers are Labor’s worst in 20 years! I can only pray that by the end of the year, I can hopefully say that Tony Abbott is the new Prime Minister of Australia, and then hopefully on January 21st 2013 that Barack Obama is the former President of the United States of America!

    1. Total agree with the last comment.

      Julia Gillard is a total disgrace. I was embarrassed she came to the Royal Wedding on behalf of your great nation.
      She’s hated in the UK – seen as someone who formed an unpopular, minority government instead of doing the decent thing.
      This only support the fact that she’s a hideously, incompetent excuse for the PM of such an amazing country as Aus.

  3. I firmly believe in the Theory, that now Western Society is so far Socialistic and Broke; intellectually and financially bankrupted ; China is as much in the progress of her socialist Imperial Hubris as was the Anglo Saxon world before in previous times .
    I n a speech about six years ago in China, the minister of Defence commented at their annual Communist Gathering, at the podium, to state the progress of the movement, little reported, well nothing reported by Western media; when he made plane the observation that the Chinese communist party and its members, was the; “categorical equivalent “The new Super men elite of the world, and every member was and is forbidden to breed or associate with the peasants or foreigners.
    I would assume with reasonable wisdom that China and its Communist? Socialist elites have mutated into that Imperial fire brand; And in the western world, now with our intellectually depleted and utter delusional aristocratic Ruling socialist Despotic fire brand that we have in today’s world;
    There are very troubled times ahead ; Our ruling delusionals will probably give them a 100 year lease on all Naval establishemets in Australia at least.

  4. China is the newest emerging Pacific power; and she is now flexing her muscles of economic, military and diplomatic. Under Obama, we have deliberatly given up the strength we have in the area, to let them be the big fist in the region.

    Watch for moves made against Taiwan, who they regard as a renegade province; and possibly against Korea and Japan. China prepares to make moves generations in advance, and with the simple fact of a large population, large resourses, and at this time a fierce drought and lack of critical harvests, there is one spot long able to provide most of their needs with little defense…down under.

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