Flag Waving Ex Army Officer Supports Union Rights!

“Buzz” Dav

Leslie “Buzz” Davis, from Madison Wisconsin, is a retired army officer, and former Dane County supervisor,   who clearly loves America.

Patriot that he is, Davis is disgusted that Wisconsin’s  governor Scott Walker wants to take away Government employee rights to bargain collectively.

“Buzz” Davis is organizing a Senate Recall campaign to get rid of some of the nasty “right wing” Republican State Senators backing Scott Walker’s efforts to destroy Wisconsin’s middle class.

He’s calling it the “Save Our Kids Recall Campaign”. What a guy!

Just goes to show that flag waving patriotic ex army officers can support unions too.

Only one little problem.

If you go to Democratic Left, Summer 2005, page 12  you will find that “Buzz” Davis is a member of the U.S.’s largest Marxist organization – Democratic Socialists of America.



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2 thoughts on “Flag Waving Ex Army Officer Supports Union Rights!

  1. "Buzz" Dav has the right to be angry with Governor Walker, but I have the right to think he has some lose marbles in his heard.

    The point is not whether Buzz has anything to say about Gov. Walker's policies, but that the majority of the citizens in Wisconsin voted him into office for one main thing..To balance the budget and bring the 3.7 billion dollars deficit down.

    As a consevative, when President Obama started throwing his weight all over the American citizens last year with this massive overreach of government into our Health Care needs, I sat and wrote letters to people who could do something about it.

    Guess what, it worked…We have more governors rejecting it, too.
    I did not go block anyone from coming into the capitol building in Olympia, smelling up the place and threatening not to leave. I leave that to the Democratic Progressives. They are sore loosers and go run and hide when they don't get things their way.

    When Obama became president, did the Democrats come out with all their smug faces…the arrogance spilled over their lips and they were down right mean and abrassive toward conservatives in their speech and actions.

    The table have turned and now the conservatives are going to give them an ass whippin by being peaceful and going about their work in a lawful manner.

    Praise the Lord!

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