“Lula” and Barack’s Common Marxist Ties

"Lula" and Barack Obama

Brazil’s immediate past president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, a former labor boss, built his Workers Party, an alliance of communists, Trotskyites, “liberation theologists”, black radicals, environmentalists and labor militants, into the most powerful political force in Latin America.

Working with Cuba, “Lula” as he is commonly known, has had an huge influence in the revolutionary wave that has swept Latin America since the early 90’s.

Less widely known is that Lula has enjoyed support and advice from the US’s largest Marxist organization Democratic Socialists of America, since at least the year he founded his Party, 1981.

Incidentally, this is around the same time that Barack Obama began his thirty year association with the organization.

Obama became involved with D.S.A. when he attended their Socialist Scholars Conferences in New York in the early 1980’s. The connection may have gone back even into the late 1970’s when he associated with members of Occidental College’s Democratic Socialist Alliance.

The Obama/D.S.A. relationship blossomed in Chicago and has never wavered since.

Stan Gacek

D.S.A. member Stanley Gacek is a labor attorney and A.F.L.-C.I.O. and was a long time International Affairs Assistant Director, responsible for the Federation’s relations with Latin America and the Caribbean. He has spoken and written extensively on Brazilian labor and politics and has been a friend and adviser to President Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva and the Workers Party since the early 1980s.


Since 1981, Gacek served as a special adviser on North American affairs to Lula’s Workers Party.

On April 17, 1993 D.S.A. hosted a reception in New York, for an “extremely distinguished delegation of  ‘democratic socialist’  leaders from Latin America”. The guests, all of whom would be running for president of their respective countries within the next year, included Ruben Zamora of El Salvador, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas of Mexico, Antonio Navarro Wolff of Colombia, and Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva of Brazil.

Participants included A.C.T.W.U. President and DSAer Jack Sheinkman, D.S.A. National Political Committee member Jose LaLuz and reception host and DSAer Gene Eisner.

Sheinkman, Eisner and Lula

In 2008 Jose LaLuz was the chairman of Latinos for Obama , registering, educating and mobilizing Latino voters for D.S.A.’s  presidential choice..

On September 23, 2003 the radical D.S.A. aligned Institute for Policy Studies held its 27th annual Letelier-Moffitt Memorial Human Rights Awards in Washington DC.

The International Award, was presented by Jan Schakowsky, a United States Representative (D-Illinois), one time D.S.A. member and key Obama supporter.

Barack and Jan

A Special Recognition Award went to Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva, President of Brazil-in absentia

It was presented by John Sweeney, President, A.F.L.-C.I.O. and a long time D.S.A. member.

Barack Obama, John Sweeney

In November 2010  Obama awarded John Sweeney the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Socialist revolution is international in scope.

The same people who helped deliver Brazil to the socialists and communists, are working to do the same to the U.S.

This may help explain why Barack Obama lets Brazil drill for Gulf oil, but denies American companies the same right.

He is simply looking after his real friends.


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  1. Destruction of America, transfer of the wealth from those who have rightfully earned it, etc. are the trademarks of Obama and of his allies/cronies around the world. Enough is enough, we need to end this madness now, impeach him, and stop him in the courts and at the voting booth.

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