2 thoughts on “Beck on "Financial Terrorism" and a Whole Lot More

  1. I thought at the time that the 2008 oil price increase was too high and too conveniently timed with our election. What hasn't been said by Beck or anyone else is "was the 2008 oil event intended to put Obama in office and why?". Is Obama part of this attack. You certainly could not prove he isn't based on his actions. Also Obama's rise to fame was mostly pushed by Ted Kennedy. Ted had a lot of shady connections with our enemies, communists and socialist revolutionary organizations. Was Teddy part of this as well?

    I think that there have been other events that would really qualify as the first steps of a larger conspiracy. Certainly the effort to flood the country with legal and illegal aliens has brought states to the brink of bankruptcy.
    Additionally we were sucked into numerous wars in the Middle East that have had the effect of grinding down our military personnel and misdirecting our military budget to fighting a war rather then maintaining a viable Navy fleet and air strength.

    I think this is like a football game and we are at the two minute warning and way behind and have just discovered the other team has our playbook or worse have installed their people in the coaching staff. If all of this is true we might just be looking at "game over"!

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