Patriots Stop State Funding of Connecticut Communist Party HQ

New Haven Peace Center

The New Haven People’s Center serves as the headquarters of the Connecticut Communist Party USA and several of its fronts including the Greater New Haven Peace Council and a city funded City of New Haven Peace Commission.

It is lead by well known Communist Party leaders Art Perlo, Al Marder and Joelle Fishman – head of the Communist Party Commission, which is charged with working with the Democratic Party.

Perlo and Fishman are the son and daughter-in-law of confirmed Soviet spy Victor Perlo. Al Marder has been active in the World Peace Council, a still existing front for the former Soviet Union. He has also served on the Communist Party’s Peace and Solidarity Commission, the Party body charged with directing the US peace movement, and supporting foreign revolutionary movements.

The People’s Center is a favorite haunt of several of Connecticut’s leading Democratic Party politicians and labor officials including Congressional Rep. Rosa DeLauro, State Reps. Patricia Dillon, Toni Edmonds Walker, Gary Holder-Winfield and Connecticut AFL-CIO head John Olsen.

Rosa DeLauro hugs Joelle Fishman, at the People's Center

Recently the Communists tried to scam $300,000 out of the state government to fix up their dilapidated building.

Despite having big influence in Connecticut government, the Communists don’t always win.

From the New Haven Independent:

Forces of freedom converge on New Haven’s Howe Street to confront a surviving outpost of the Red Menace and the pinko governor trying to prop it up.

At least that’s what the Republican politicians, Vietnam vets and motorcycle club members from throughout Connecticut portrayed their mission Friday when they massed for a protest outside the red-brick New Haven People’s Center.


They said they had sniffed out a real live plot to infiltrate state government and send $300,000 in taxpayer dough—not to fix crumbling VFW halls, but to keep alive a Communist-connected community center in that reddest of red-state metropolises, New Haven.

They assembled to beat back an effort to have the state approve $300,000 in bonding to repair the decaying Howe Street building, which since 1937 has hosted political events, including some Communist Party-sponsored events as well as labor, peace, and immigrant rights doings.


A not-for-profit group owns the building. At Friday’s rally, organizer Tom Scott, a former Republican state senator from Milford who came within 2 percentage points of beating Rosa DeLauro in the 1990 U.S. Congressional election and went on to become a talk-radio host, noted that one of the People’s Center’s driving forces is Communist Party member Joelle Fishman. Fishman, like Scott, once ran for Congress, in 1980 (against Larry Denardis and Joe Lieberman) back when Communists ran Eastern European governments. She serves as the New Haven “bureau” of the national party’s People’s Weekly World newspaper, which was known as the Daily Worker back when some of the vets assembled in New Haven Friday or their parents had traveled the globe to fight real gun-toting Communists.

Waving American and “Don’t Tread on Me” flags and patriotic placards, the speakers called on Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to change his mind and remove the $300,000 request from Monday’s State Bonding Commission agenda.

This isn’t just a matter of New Haven or Connecticut political wrangling or budgeting, said one of the event’s speakers, Republican state Sen. Len Suzio of Meriden. This has historic and worldwide implications.

Suzio called the People’s Center crew “people who are hell-bent on destroying the American capitalist system.”

“The governor owes it to Connecticut,” he said, “to have a better sense of priorities” rather than “squandering” “precious taxpayer dollars.”

(As of 3:42 p.m. Friday, the Malloy forces at the Capitol were refusing to surrender. The bond money is “not going to a Communist organization,” insisted gubernatorial spokesman Roy Occhiogrosso. “It’s going to a building that has great historical significance in the community, especially in the African-American community; a building in which a lot of important programs are run every day. The governor thinks it’s a worthwhile project.”)

Both Suzio and Scott emphasized that their rally did not seek to shut down the People’s Center. Rather it sought to prevent taxpayer money from shoring it up.

“The people who run this organization are ideological misfits,” Scott declared. “That said, they have the right to exist. I would go up against the wall to defend their right to exist and their right to exist.”

But, he added, “they shouldn’t get one nickel of my money or any other taxpayer’s money to rehab their building.”

So far, Connecticut’s leftist Governor Malloy has backed down. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance however, so the patriots need to keep a close eye on the communist scamsters.

Congratulations to Connecticut’s patriots. Well done!!!!


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