2 thoughts on “Andrew Klavan on Public Sector Unions – He Doesn’t Like Them

  1. Hi Sam- the only benefit a union can give its members is to use the power of the collective to extort higher than market rates for its members-which is inherently unethical.

    Unfortunately because unions through opposition to bulk funding and other measures have destroyed schools ability or incentive to bargain individually with their teachers, people like yourselves are in a no-win situation.

    You cannot negotiate a better deal commensurate with your greater abilities and commitment to your profession. Therefore you must join the union and accept whatever crumbs they may win for you and all the slack teachers you are carrying.

    You suffer, the school suffers and most of all the kids suffer. Only the union bureaucrats gain. my suggestion-find a private Christian school that doesn't like unions and negotiate your own deal.

    Or better yet-agitate to get the PPTA thrown out of your school.

  2. And what if the union has a good grasp of economic conditions and doesn't ask for anything unreasonable?

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