Rep. Dennis Kucinich – Russian Sympathizer

Dennis Kucinich

Ohio Congressman Kucinich is a far left winger – nothing new there. However most of his constituents would be surprised at the extent of Rep. Kucinich’s long time links to the Communist Party USA.

They might also be a little shocked to learn that their Congressman is a regular guest on the virulently anti-American, Kremlin financed propaganda station Russia Today.

Anyone who consistently reads the communist press and regularly watches Russia Today, will be struck by their similar “line.” Despite the so-called ‘fall of communism,’ the Communist Party USA, Russia Today and the Kremlin, all still pretty much sing from the same songbook. Their propaganda is almost identical – the main current ending America’s wars in order to increase social spending/socialism at home.

In this first video, Rep. Kucinich is absolutely correct to criticize President Obama’s completely unconstitutional attack on Libya. He then segues into an attack on US militarism and a call for increased social spending at home – following the ‘line’ to a ”T.”

In 2009, Rep. Kucinich was also a co-founder of the Congressional Russia Caucus, “a body aimed at improving relations between Congress and Russia’s lower House of Parliament” – which includes a very large contingent from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation

In this 2008 video, Rep. Kucinich correctly identifies many of America’s economic and military problems and calls for an economic ‘new direction.’ All his solutions follow the Communist Party line – reduced military expenditure and the end of foreign wars, coupled with huge public works jobs creation schemes, green energy and “cooperating with Russia” to reduce nuclear weapons.

Kucinich claims Georgia was the aggressor in the brutal Russian suppression of Georgia. He also asserts that America ‘baited’ the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan.

In this November, 2010 interview, Kucinich touches all the major Communist Party, Russia Today, Kremlin propaganda themes.

So whose side is Dennis Kucinich actually on?

What do you think?


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9 thoughts on “Rep. Dennis Kucinich – Russian Sympathizer

  1. This guy better hope the Conservative movement doesn’t gain too much power over the United States… because his name is on the list who gets rounded up…

    Let the United States remove ALL people who are enemies of the United States…Like they did back in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s

    These people existed only in the basements of houses and garages. Now they tout their message of hatred for American Conservatives in public high rises in Chicago and Indianapolis.

  2. Have you read “Witness” by Whittaker Chambers yet?

    What is that saying…the more things change, the more they stay the same? Having read this very personal and revealing book, I tend to agree.

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