Hope for America-Brown in With a Chance

The Massachusetts Senate race is slipping away from the Democrats. “Progressive” Democrat Martha Coakley is struggling to hold Ted Kennedy’s once safely blue seat.

An upset is in the making.

If Republican Scott Brown can take the seat, the Democrats lose their filibuster proof majority in the Senate -meaning that Obamacare and other items on the Dems socialist agenda canned be slowed or stopped.

From Human Events

Scott Brown now leads liberal Democrat Martha Coakley by a 50%-46% margin. This is the first time Brown has hit the magical threshold of 50% in a poll, suggesting he has the momentum to win this race in this heavily Democratic state!

The Democrats are in a state of panic and have just dumped even more money into this race. We here at the Tea Party Express are countering with our own TV ad campaign for Scott Brown that is running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – thanks to your support.

Tomorrow we are expanding our ad buy even more – and we need your support. The final deadlines for us to purchase advertising is the end of the day Friday, and then one last time for the end of the day Monday. This is it, there are no more tomorrow’s – we must make our final push now!

To donate to Scott brown’s campaign go here


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15 thoughts on “Hope for America-Brown in With a Chance

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  2. Ladies and Gentleman, the WAR for our great country has started on the eastern seaboard of this great nation. Scott Brown, a GOOD Man, is the State Senator from Massachusetts and is a proud member of the Massachusetts National Guard, where he has served for nearly three decades and currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonel in the Judge Advocate Generals (JAG) Corps. http://www.brownforussenate.com/senator-brown. Scott is running for the U.S. Senate from the great state of Massachusetts and is presently being hammered by negative ads, and thugry attacks by the union thugs, plants inserted by Obama and company, and the President of the United States himself. These people with their vicious, hateful and deceitful ways will go to any means to reach their means. THEY NEED TO BE STOPPED NOW. Before Tuesdays election, IMMEDIATELY, YOU, need to use whatever tools, knowledge, connections, and or abilities you have to counter the negative forces that have come to help the opposition of this race. When Scott wins, WE all win BIG time. If Scott looses, we each are guilty of NOT helping this great cause, and we each loose BIG time, along with a little more of America. This is a campaign guys. It is happening NOW. Get off your butts and help with the cause. Go to Scotts web site now and learn how you migh be able to help. Learn more about this good man. He could be the ONE we have been looking for to run this great nation. http://scottbrown.com/splash.html ………… Check out the video at: http://newzeal.blogspot.com/ …………Grant

    SEIU Attacks Brown-Quelle Surprise!
    America's most evil union, the SEIU attacks Republican Massachusetts Senate contender Scott Brown.

    posted by Trevor Loudon at 1/16/2010 12:26:00 PM 0 Comments Links to this post


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