Libyans and Russians Spreading "9/11" Disinformation

Disinformation is the art of spreading “credible”, but false stories aimed at discrediting, embarrassing, misleading or sowing dissension in the ranks of your political opponents.

The Soviet/Russian KGB and military intelligence are  masters at this form of subversion.

One of the great disinformation scams in recent years has been the “9/11” myth – the widely disseminated idea that New York’s Twin Towers were destroyed not by Islamic terrorists, but by the American government itself as an excuse to justify  U.S.  military action in the Middle East.

In my view this idea was cooked up in Moscow then deliberately disseminated through  reliable mouthpiece’s throughout the West and the Third Wold.

Here’s a link to another attempt to keep the “9/11” pot boiling, involving a “former” Soviet military intelligence operative,  from Libyan – yes Libyan government newsite Mathaba.

Dimitri Khazelov and George Mapp

The article takes the form of an interview by Mathaba’s George Mapp with former Soviet military intelligence staffer Dimitri Khazelov.

Thermo-nuclear charges placed below New York City`s World Trade Center Twin Towers since at least 1980s, Flight 93 shot down by US Air Force, Pentagon penetrated by Granit missile and other revelations are bound to shake the world this year.

Khazelov, claims to have served, in the 1980s as a commissioned officer in the so-called “Special Control Service” of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the former USSR, which was otherwise known by its code-name “military unit 46179”. This organization was responsible for gathering various kinds of nuclear intelligence, primarily for the detection of nuclear tests of various adversaries of the former Soviet Union.

Khazelov is due to release a book on “9/11”. Some of his allegations include;

  • That under the Twin Towers of the WTC in New York there were two huge thermo-nuclear charges intended for emergency demolition of the WTC. These were used to destroy the buildings.
  • That rescue workers’ ongoing health problems were not caused by dust inhalation but by nuclear vapors.
  • That the Pentagon was hit by a cruise missile.
  • That the “De-facto perpetrators” were “some individuals from the Mossad and from French secret services”. But the “real planners and the real perpetrators are, of course, those folks who promote the New World Order, so-called “globalization”, and other means of the final enslavement of humanity on this Planet. Basically they are the very same guys who stood behind the United Nations Organization, Bilderberg Club, the WTO, the so-called “Council on Foreign Relations”, “Trilateral Commission”, Olympic Games enterprise, “Greenpeace”, “Amnesty International”, and other well-known and little-known instruments of the so-called “globalization”. The 9/11 job was conceived and ordered by these guys, of course. The Mossad and the French are merely hired executors – similar to contract killers in the common sense; they are by no means the masterminds.”
  • That the Bush administration was directly involved in the 9/11 cover-up.
  • That Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout is being extradited to the U.S. from Thailand for political reasons, connected to “9/11”. 

Khazelov, blue shirt, top left, Bout, right, in Thai courtroom

Khazelov acknowledges a close connection to Bout. Perhaps  Bout’s trial will be used by the Russians to spread futher “9/11” disinformation?

While there is no doubt that the U.S. government is far too large and overbearing, and elements of it are working against the American people’s best interests, it is not the MAIN ENEMY.

The main enemy is based in Moscow.

Moscow understands that by planting false stories like the “9/11” myth, it can achieve several objectives.

  • Create massive distrust of the U.S. intelligence and security agencies.
  • Divide and confuse the U.S. conservative movement and get them to take their focus off the real external enemies Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc .
  • By implicating Israel – increase anti- semitism and destroy international sympathy and support for the West’s most reliable  ally in the Middle East .
  • Divert attention and blame from the Russian/Iranian/Cuban  allied Islamic  terrorist organizations.
  • Create increased hatred  of Israel and the U.S. in the Muslim  world create more sympathy for Islamic terrorism.
  • Discredit all “conspiracy theories”, no matter how realistic, or objective.

Russian intelligence can create  an huge amount of damage to Western  interests, simply by spreading a few well crafted lies. It knows that the internet and an army of gullible zealots will do most of their work for them.

No doubt Moscow considers this a very cost effective investment.


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13 thoughts on “Libyans and Russians Spreading "9/11" Disinformation

  1. Hi. I want to to inquire something…is the following a wordpress blog as we are thinking about changing across to WP. Additionally did you make this design yourself? Many thanks.

  2. By the way, I did not post anonymously.

    As a side note being pro Israel has nothing to do with being pro tribe or not.
    My philosophy is that I let the historical facts speak for themselves.
    This is the only way to find the truth.
    The problem is that history is covered or rewritten.

  3. Trevor Loudon is a pro Jewish Disinformationist..

    read his own words..
    Trevor Loudon said…
    Cobra-If you want to make anti-Jewish points do so elsewhere.
    This blog is pro Israeli and pro Jewish and will remain so as long as I am running it.
    No further correspondence will be entered into.

    mossad 9/11 IsraHell did it
    all proof in the world.
    About 4,240,000 results with google

  4. Thank you for this article Trevor. I have been warning people for years the Russians are behind it, and have always been behind the 9-11 truther conspiracy propaganda.

  5. Impressive, but where in the bible does it say to falsely accuse a fellow Christian of murder?

    Where in the constitution does it say we have a right to healthcare which you support along with the anti Christian leaders like Lenin, Stalin and Marx?

    With this anti capitalism rant, sounds to me you agree with the devil marxist clap trap that everything you post on your website warns us about.

    You call yourself a believer in Christ, you are nothing of the sort my good friend, you spread hate and blame others for your shorcomings.

    You throw more fire against a family who is being threatened on a daily basis 9 year old daughter included.

    Your God is the devil, and I am sure he is so happy with your performance of stoking the fires of hate against true believers.

    Your hatred and perversion of the word of God is clear no matter how many versus you quote and take out of context.

    God have mercy on your hatred and corrupted soul.

  6. Just because tyrannical evil is hijacking the philosophy of caring for others as thyself doesn't make Christ a self-centered, money-serving "Capitalist".

    Whether you or I like it or not, there's a reason our Creator is fashioning America's demise, and blind allegiance to either "side" is untrue.

    Global balance and social harmony will only be achieved the middle way.

    The only side I'm on is in seeking to alleviate the ongoing collective insanity around me, and it's telltale that I'm all alone when it should be clear that I'm revealing the truth.

    The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. [2 Thessalonians 2:10-12]

  7. J Adams:

    Projecting, kind of like spending all your time posting articles warning people of Marxism and Leninism, while supporting the welfare state and national healthcare?

    Or calling yourself a person of God, then turning around disgracefully pinning a fellow christian Sarah Palin as an accomplice to murder?

    Palin, ironically is one of the few potential candidates who not only site the holy scripture on a daily basis but live it in her daily life?

    The same women who's children receive death threats from the same marxists and communists you claim to be warning us of?

    You are a walking and talking contradiction and do a great disservice to people like Trevor who are actually trying to make a difference not through attacking the ones who are trying to put their lives on the line so that faith in God, the Constitution and American exceptionalism will once again become the corner stone of our lives.

    My suggestion is to sit down and reflect on these points, its never too late to see the light.

    I don't care who you support but your actions don't match up with idea that you are a person of true faith.

  8. One way to tell if someone is a basement dwelling virgin with delusions of grandeur:

    Ask them:

    "Do you think the buildings fell because the planes hit them?"

    If they answer no, please tell them to get laid so they can stop believing they are part of some super smart group of people who know the truth better than engineers and people actually in touch with reality.

    Seriously have you ever met a truther that wasn't clearly a completely repugnant to the opposite sex? Shit just look at the pictures of those guys above, they just scream 40 year old virgin.

    And convincing a girl that Bush blew up the twin towers with magical thermite and undetectable thermo-nuclear devices isn't going to get you laid…it's going to get you a restraining order.

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