7 thoughts on “Reagan vs Obama

  1. And then president Reagan utterly destroyed our middle class, and plunged our country into a debt-laden nightmare that we still have not recovered from.

  2. I love that it has been announced that Paul Ryan will give the GOP response to the SOTU. IMO, he should conclude by playing this video.

  3. larryG is so right!

    I was so disappointed that the first black American to become president was not descended from slaves, proving just how far America has really come

    Instead, we got someone raised by people who hated America and wants to 'fundamentally transform' it.

    Obama never misses an opportunity to criticize and put America down. His vision for America is just plain un-American.

  4. The World has known and seen many great men in it's history but not so many in it's recent past. That is why Ronald Reagan looks so large in our history because sadly enough the supply is dwindling and when one does come to the front they are overwhelmed by the mass of idiots they are asked to work with.Sadly enough the dumbing down or America wasn't just aimed at the working class or future hopeful democrat voters.I just hope we can heal the country and elect maybe Col. Alan West or Herman Cain as our first real black PRESIDENT.

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