Elaine "I Am Not a Socialist" West

Auckland council candidate, Aaron Bhatnagar had the temerity to label Auckland independent mayoral candidate Elaine West a “Marxist” on his website.

Elaine got a bit tetchy and sent Aaron a letter.

Always one to please, Aaron toned down the description to the more innocuous sounding “socialist“.

Elaine sent Aaron another letter demanding that he even delete that.

Who is Elaine West?

Elaine on the left

In 2004, Elaine stood as a council candidate for Residents Action Movement, a well known front for -a Trotskyist organisation.

So what-that doesn’t make Elaine a Marxist or socialist does it?

In 2005, Elaine joined the steering committee of the Workers Charter Movement.

Other committee members were;

*Rachel Asher-former Victoria University Bolshevik Club
*Paul Carrucan-leftist
*Cathy Casey-leftist, former Alliance Party, partner of Marxist-Leninist Matt McCarten
*Luke Coxon-Maoist, unionist
*Stuart Fancy-leftist
*Cecil Fowler-former Communist Party supporter
*Roger Fowler-former Communist Party member
*Jennifer Francis-Marxist-Leninist, Socialist Party of Aotearoa, unionist
*Chrissy Holland-leftist, unionist
*Robyn Hughes-partner of Socialist Worker former leader grant Morgan
*Maria Humphries-leftist academic
*Daphne Lawless-Socialist Worker
*Matt McCarten-Marxist-Leninist, former Alliance Party
*John Minto-Marxist
*Grant Morgan-Socialist Worker
*Pat O’Dea-Socialist Worker
*Sam Quayle-Socialist
*Melody Shinnock-leftist
*Mike Treen-former Socialist Action League, Communist League, Alliance Party.

Elaine was a very keen supporter of Workers Charter.


Elaine realised that RAM/Workers Charter are Socialist Worker/Marxist fronts and is now embarrassed by that fact.


Elaine didn’t realise that RAM/Workers Charter are Socialist Worker/Marxist fronts and is now embarrassed by her extreme naivety.

Neither explanation is a “good look” for an aspiring mayor of NZ’s largest city.

I think Elaine should back off, before somebody puts her protestations on a Tui billboard.

An apology to Aaron is in order I think, Elaine.


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3 thoughts on “Elaine "I Am Not a Socialist" West

  1. She did not send me a lawyers letter. Both letters were sent by her, one apparently after discussing things with her lawyer, which I personally have my doubts over.

  2. trev mon frere, in case you’re keeping permanent records you should know that a google cache won’t last forever.

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