Ronald Reagan – "A Time for Choosing"

This brought tears to my eyes.

A great man at his very best.

Thanks to Dave


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4 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan – "A Time for Choosing"

  1. I wish the music hadn't been added. It is somewhat distracting from what President Reagan is saying. However, his words are good. ^_^

  2. Trevor, thank you for putting up these videos of Ronald Reagan.

    By watching them, and hearing his words, he inspires us again today as he did during his presidency.

  3. YES we WILL preserve our Republic and the last, best hope for freedom for all mankind!

    And to this I pledge my life, my honor and the remnants of my life's fortune.


  4. Thanks for this Trevor. Reagan was the hero of my time in this country.

    We have not had one since.

    He had class, insight, intelligence, common sense and loved America.

    He was everything Obama is not.

    Thanks again for your work.

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