Jewish Socialist Group Attacks Glenn Beck

Following Glenn Beck’s classic three-day “Puppet Master” series on George Soros, Jewish Funds for Justice launched a campaign, “fighting back against Beck’s outrageous accusations and insinuations with a multifaceted campaign to get Beck’s poison off the air.”

On Jan. 13, 2011, JFJ president Simon Greer and a few hangers-on , stood outside the News Corporation building in New York. Greer announced their intention to deliver 10,000 signatures calling on Rupert Murdoch to remove Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel’s daily lineup. the group attempted to deliver a pink slip for Mr. Beck, calling for the termination of his contract.

Greer further listed Beck’s “Ten Worst Quotes of 2011” – a collection of statements Beck has made – but stripped of their context. the group was not allowed to enter the News Corporation building, or to leave our 10,000 letters for Mr. Murdoch.

Who are these people? who do they represent? It isn’t some of my American Jewish friends that’s for sure.

In case you hadn’t guessed by now  Jewish Funds for Justice is simply another  far left organization, posing as moderate and responsible citizens.

Who are the leaders of Jewish Funds for Justice?

Si Kahn, founded JFFJ and currently serves on its board. He also serves on the advisory board of Rosenberg Fund for Children, with Angela Davis, Pete Seeger and Toshi Seeger  (all Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism members) and Ed Asner, Ron Dellums and Richard Healey of Democratic Socialists of America.

Rosenberg Fund for Children is run by the sons of executed Soviet atom bomb spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg.

Amy Dean

Amy Dean is a JFFJ board member. She is a labor activist, who in 1994 played a leading role in the New Party – a creation of ACORN, SEIU, Democratic Socialists of America , Committees of Correspondence and the far left Institute for Policy Studies. Barack Obama was one of the New Party’s great success stories.
The Chicago Communist Party USA 22nd Annual People’s World Banquet Dec. 6 2009, at the Parthenon Restaurant.
Amy Dean keynoted the event. In introducing her, CPUSA labor secretary Scott Marshall called her work visionary and innovative. Dean noted “while electoral coalitions are one thing, governing coalitions are often another. It’s vital that labor and its allies have a say in what policies unfold once their candidates are elected. Dean said much more must be done to build up the movement to ensure the Obama agenda and progressive change is advanced in Congress.”

 On November 18 2010 Amy Dean was keynote speaker at the St. Louis: 7th annual Working Class Media & Democracy Forum, hosted by the the Missouri/Kansas Friends of the People’s World

Contact for the event was Communist Party  member Tony Pecinovsky.

Janice Fine

Janice Fine is a JFFJ board member, former New Party leader and Democratic Socialists of America member.

Fine serves on the board of former ACORN leader Wade Rathke’s Social Policy journal, with DSA members and “friends” Noam Chomsky, Frances Fox Piven, Heather Booth and Peter Dreier,

She is also a leader of the Cry Wolf Project , with DSA affiliates Peter Dreier, and   Nelson Lichtenstein and  Donald Cohen, a board member of  former Obama “Green Jobs Czar” Van JonesGreen for All.

The Cry Wolf Project was established in 2010 to “counter conservative attempts to stop or discredit “progressive” policy options”- including paying academics for specified articles.

Donna Katzin is a JFFJ board member and former activist with the Cuba Resource Center.

She is a donors to the Oakland, California based DataCenter , which is widely regarded as the intellegence wing of the United States Left and has close ties to Cuba.

David Saperstein

Rabbi David Saperstein is a JFFJ board member and life long leftist “useful idiot”.

Saperstein is a long time associate of  veteran Marxist and Obama “spiritual advisor” Rev. Jim Wallis and serves with him on Barack Obama’s  White House Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Simon Greer, is President and CEO of JFFJ.  Greer worked as a labor and “community organizer” and “social change” leader for 15 years including serving as a leader of   Jobs with Justice – which is heavily infiltrated by Democratic Socialists of America and the Communist Party.

Greer was trained the Windcall Institute, a project of the Common Counsel Foundation. Committees of Correspondence supporter  Holly Fincke is the Director of the Windcall Institute, while  Van Jones,and former Communist Party Religion Commission member and Committees of Correspondence supporter  Scott Douglas serve on its advisory board.

This isn’t the first time JFFJ has attacked Glenn Beck.

On July 16, 2010, leaders of faith and progressive communities from across the United States put their name to a two-page feature in the Jewish Forward magazine which had been put together by JFFJ. The introduction to the feature reads;

On May 28, on his nationally syndicated radio show, Glenn Beck read an excerpt from a Washington Post column by Jewish Funds for Justice President Simon Greer. In it, Simon argued that we are at our best as a society when we put humankind and the common good first. Beck responded: “This leads to death camps. A Jew, of all people, should know that. This is exactly the kind of talk that led to the death camps in Germany: ‘put humankind and the common good first.’” In the wake of this attack on our shared values, we are grateful to so many leaders for standing with us. Because of your support, Jewish Funds for Justice can continue to speak out against this kind of demagoguery and advocate for real solutions to the pressing challenges facing millions of Americans

Signatories to that statement included Jim Wallis, Mary Kay Henry, President, Service Employees International Union, Caron Atlas of Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama,  John_Goldstein, (ex  New Party), Leslie Lomas, (Democratic Socialists of America supporter) and former Communist Party member Carol Pittman.

By the way –  in 2009,  George Soros’ Open Society Institute provided a $150,000 grant to the JFFJ and its associated group, the Funder’s Collaborative on Youth Organizing. In 2010, the Open Society provided a $200,000 grant.

I hope the “Puppet Master” is getting value for money from his little troupe of  red marionettes.


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11 thoughts on “Jewish Socialist Group Attacks Glenn Beck

  1. I am amazed that so many Jewish people, a people who have suffered so terribly and still do at the hands of others, do not recognize that Communism and Fascism are closely allied — and are NOT friends of Jews or Christians.

    Soros has proclaimed his favorite time of his life was when, at fourteen, he helped the Nazis. Now progressives and liberals will excuse the youthful Soros, and I would, too (even though Jews would consider a fourteen-year-old male to be a man), if Soros would recognize as an adult the terror and horror of what he was being forced to do.

    No. He just wrote that he enjoyed that time thoroughly.

  2. One more anti-semitic comment like that Cobra and you will be banned from this website forever.

    You insult my friends.

  3. Howie,
    With all my due respect, I would like to point out that your tribe is (mostly) responsible for the scourge of communism.
    In Russia and Eastern Europe.
    And in the USA, the country that gave your people shelter…

  4. You want what you preach? You forgot about Poland? You forgot about Russia? If you want it that bad, you leave here and go there. Very simple. And you take all the morons who believe like you do! You don't want real freedom. You want to be led around like an animal! Now I know where the word "schmuck" comes from! I suggest you all see a good proctologist to have your heads examined! This comes from a very tough, 75 year old JEW!

  5. I know from experience that what you say is true, Nancy. These idiots just didn't go left they went left and then hit the afterburner.

  6. Wow, Trevor good job. This is vintage Communist Marxist Propaganda.

    These dangerous people pretending to be upset and stripping the context of statements by Beck is the way these evil thugs operate.

    I do not see them getting angry with the rantings of Matthews, Olbermann, or Maddow, because these types are doing their bidding.

    This appears to be an act of desperation, because on all fronts the left is doing themselves in.

    The are spawned from lies, deception, inciting violence while blaming others, and taking no responsiblity for their actions like Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Van Jones, Anita Dunn.

    All of these people should be in jail, not running loose like a pack of dogs.

    They are a disgrace and symbol of a cult of evil vermin set to destroy America, while pretending to play nice.

    Yes they should all be in jail.

  7. Angela Davis…the Communist, and follower/advocate for the 'famous Jim Jones", and murder/suicide of 950+ victims of the cult!
    Nuff said about these cretins.

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