Is PCism Worse Than Communism?

 In some ways yes.

PCism is now wreaking havoc in what’s left of Eastern Europe and George Soros is helping.

Dr. Srdja Trifkovic is a pleasure to listen to.

Must view.

Thanks to Graham.


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8 thoughts on “Is PCism Worse Than Communism?

  1. Political Correctness is a mechanism,or tool, that is used for the conditioning of a society to accept what to say and think as a good thing. Muslims use of it has given them near complete protection from accountability even as they murder all other faiths with free reign. Satan himself came up with this,and Islam.

  2. Dr. Srdja Trifkovic is not saying economic, political, etc conditions are worse in the USA than in former communist countries.

    It is communism over generations that left the wake of socio-economic destruction in Eastern Europe and Russia. Combine that with the general 'backwardness' that has long plagued this part of the world, and you have your explanation as to why conditions there are so poor in comparison to the west. We in the West have a tremendous head start.

    Dr. Srdja Trifkovic is comparing freedom of expression in the PC world to the same in the communist world. He says it's as bad here, or worse. It is true that topics which are very controversial to discuss, even in informal settings, in the West can be openly talked about virtually anywhere in Eastern Europe without any apprehension.

    Perhaps, after generations of expression suppression, the West will begin to see stark similarities to socio-economics exhibited by former communist countries today.

  3. Tom's link is to a Communist site.

    The H.L. Mencken Club is suspect as being a racist organization.

    Not all good seeming links are to good ends.

  4. The good doctor makes a point but I doubt it is as bad as communism. I've been to several communist countries but make no mistake we in the US are incrementally on our way unless we take an abrupt turn.

    PCism has effected every aspect of conversation no matter the subject. Tragically, we conservatives allowed it to occur by not protesting enough when it reared its ugly head for fear of being labeled backwards.

    In my circles, PCism is on the wane. Most folks that I know are simply tired of it.

    21% of our population labels the rest. This simply cannot stand.

  5. the history of governments under communism is abjact failure. evenin large us cities and states where the welfare rools are high are failing

  6. I understand what he's getting at, however, I have no trouble expressing who I really am to those who are like-minded, those who are close to me, and those who are open to debate. I stand at a Tea Party Rally without fear of retaliation by the police. I write a blog that expresses my consevrative opinions without recourse. Give Obama and his minions more power and all of that will change. I prefer to continue the PC fight without the totalitarian rule…

  7. Aww c'mon guys, its not that bad. PCism could never be that worse. I have seen what communism does to people.

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