3 thoughts on “Curly Capitalist Questions

  1. Christ, the stories the Left can tell about the fruit cake ZAPS in the food joints in Christchurch and their fucking anti union thuggery. Talk about mafia.

    However, thankfully the Left have got better things to do than focus their energy on creating websites like this.

    The sad thing about your website Trevor is that it is largely read by politicos, of both the Left and Right, largely living in the Wellington bubble and other similar bubbles.

    I’m guessing that most people wouldn’t give a fuck about the type of information you put on this site.

    Oh well, keep wasting your time on this. Classical liberalism is really taking on out there, what with the election to the Tauranga power trust and all.

    I wonder how many people in Tauranga knew that they were voting for ACT Party members. A bet like the wool Ogden and Styles pulled over the good folk of Hutt City in 2004. They better watch out in 2007 – fuctards!

  2. link..

    Chris Trotter says this ZAP thing used to run fast food outlets in Christchurch.

    Did they have any connection to that old milkshake ‘Zap’ we had in the 1980s? That was yummie.

    You’d know that, Trev?

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