Putin Wants "Mechanism of Collective Agreement"

Another step on the way to the long promised “East-West convergence”?

From Russian news agency Novosti

DAVOS, January 29 – Russia does not have any specific qualms with the United States, it is just acting in the interests of different countries in international policy, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“We aren’t complaining about anything, we are simply saying that the extreme increase of using force to solve problems and the disregard to the values of international law are not constructive, but just the opposite, they ruin international relations,” Putin said in response to a question on what conditions Moscow had passed to Washington in order to improve relations.

“We have detected signals coming from Washington that such an approach is to some extent shared with today’s U.S. administration,” he said at a news conference at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

According to the prime minister this is seen in the announcement by the new U.S. administration on withdrawing its troops from Iraq, as well as their readiness for dialogue on deploying a missile defense system in Europe.

“We would like key issues in international life to be solved not on the basis of a unilateral decision in one center, but by creating a mechanism of collective agreement within the framework of international law,” he said.


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  1. Commies like Obama because he is one of them, and they want the U.S. to be governed by the U.N. because the Communists already own the lot there.

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