Rep. Karen Bass admits to having Communist Party Mentor

Los Angeles Congresswoman Karen Bass owes her career to a Communist Party USA mentor.

Rep. Karen Bass, second from left

According to the Congressional Record:


Ms. BASS. Mr. Speaker, I would like to honor the life and memory of my friend and mentor, Oneil Cannon, who passed away on January 20, days before his 100th birthday….

“Oneil was instrumental in supporting my own work as a community organizer early in my life, and without his help my life would have taken a very different path…

I would like to salute Oneil Cannon for his longstanding commitment to serving and uplifting others, and for a century of fighting to make the world a better place.”

Oneil Cannon

The late Oneil Cannon in question was a fixture of the Los Angeles left.

According to the Peoples World:

As a member of the Communist Party, he became the education director in the Southern California District, and a member of the Party’s Southern California and National Central Committees…

Oneil was committed to electing Black and Latino representatives at all levels of government. He helped to elect Augustus Hawkins, Tom Bradley, Ed Roybal, Diane Watson, Maxine Waters, and Karen Bass.

Cannon campaigned for Barack Obama in 2008, and wept with joy along with millions of others when he was elected. He died peacefully, wearing one of his Obama T-shirts.

With decades of communist activity under her belt, Karen Bass would fail an FBI background check to work as a realtor or a school bus driver.

But that’s okay, there are no security checks to serve on any Congressional Committee: not the Armed Services, not Homeland Security, not even the Intelligence Committee.

If American voters understood how bad the infiltration is they would be horrified. There are many, many more like Karen Bass, trashing your Constitution every day.

To really understand how bad the problem is, check out my movie The Enemies Within.


Author: Trevor

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5 thoughts on “Rep. Karen Bass admits to having Communist Party Mentor

  1. The former man at the top also wouldn’t have passed the smell test. Ooo some, like Maxine the hydrocephalic that lived, would scream THAT SOUNDS RACIST.
    Oh, wait. Hydrocephalus is an abnormal accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the brain. That leaves Maxine out.

  2. Yeah, yeah, nothing to see here. If she’s a commie with no mommy, it’s all good bro. Stop being so unhip. Murdering, degenerate commies good, normal non psychotic, decent Americans no bueno hombre. Get with the freaking program already.
    Just kidding. God bless and God bless America!!!

  3. Max – I love your line, “Maxine Waters. The name speaks for itself – Her stupidity and Marxist ideology are proof that the California Stupids will elect any clown to Congress.” That is the most true thing I have read recently! Thanks for enlightening me today. Ed in Columbus, OH.

  4. Can we hope that Trump et al will get around to exposing the communists, traitors, subversives and anarchists at local, state, and federal levels? Maybe initiate a new rule that every old and new appointee or elected individual must take and pass a security check to continue to serve. It is startling that this isn’t a requirement already?? Expose these people at least, and let the people decide who must go.

  5. Interesting that Bass said Oneill helped to elect Augustus Hawkins to congress. Hawkins admitted that he was once a member of the CPUSA for a couple of years, I believe around 1942.

    He always remained a leftist and had his name on a Guaranteed Full Employment Bill.

    Was once of the congressmen who went to Con Son island off of So. Vietnam to expose the fraudulent “tiger cages” of Don Luce and Tom Harkin (the fake Vietnam veteran who became a member of both the House and the Senate, and was a key supporter of the Marxist Sandinistas of Nicaragua, among other red causes).

    Maxine Waters. The name speaks for itself – Her stupidity and Marxist ideology are proof that the California Stupids will elect any clown to Congress.

    Nuff said.

    Re Bass; They say that a fish starts to stink from the head down so beware ….

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