Why the West Must Realize Brazil is a "Communist" Country

Most Western commentators claim that there are only a few communist countries left on the planet.

This  huge mistake occurs, because these naive souls fail to distinguish observable  economic polies, with foreign policy goals and long term strategic objectives.

The rationale goes -“well country X is ruled by Marxist-Leninists and leftists, but they are pursuing “free market” economic policies, therefore they are not really communists and if we keep trading with them, we can eventually convert them to a western way of thinking.”

Sooner they will find fairies in the bottom of their gardens.

the reality is that communists have always used “free market” policies when it suits them to build their economic base, secure foreign funding, or for strategic disinformation purposes.

The key element here is while country X may operate some semblance of a market economy, Marxist-Leninists continue to control all key levers of power and foreign policy  is completely tilted towards helping the international communist movement in its long term strategic plans.

China, Vietnam, Laos, Mongolia, Mozambique, Laos and Angola, are obvious examples. To those, I would add Venezuela, Cuba (just starting), South Africa, Russia,  and several of the Central Asian republics and most certainly Brazil.

“Lula” anoints Dilma Rousseff under the Communist Party of Brazil banner

Former president Brazilian President Luis Jose Inazio Lula Da Silva, or “Lula” is a committed Marxist revolutionary, as his hand picked successor, former underground terrorist leader Dilma Rousseff.

Luis Fleischman is one the few commentators to “get” the point. Writing  for the Center for Security Policy, Fleischman’s new column  A closer look at Brazil’s foreign policy exposes the folly of  U.S. policy vis a vis  communist led Brazil.

Latin America is increasingly turning into a geo-political and international challenge. On the one hand, Venezuela, under the leadership of Hugo Chavez, continues to support the Colombian narco-guerilla group known as the FARC. The FARC protects the activities of drug cartels, and cooperates with terrorist groups such as Hezbollah. On the other hand, a number of Southern Cone countries led by Brazil (and supported by Argentina and Uruguay) did not  go as far as Venezuela but have conducted a foreign policy which is detrimental not only to the United States but to the free world, in general.

Brazil under the government of Jose Inazio Lula Da Silva took advantage of the country’s economic growth (which was the cumulative result of years of economic and developmental polices that began before Da Silva took office) to flex its muscles in the regional and international arena.

President Lula Da Silva surprised the world, when despite having a left-wing background plus having been a co-founder along with Fidel Castro of the anti-American Foro de Sao Paulo, appointed conservative figures to his cabinet. That move was aimed at maintaining the continuity of Brazil’s economic development which was pretty much based on the strong role and cooperation of the business community. The fact that Lula did not go left on domestic and economic polices led many people in the region and in Washington to believe that Brazil’s stand in the international arena would be similar. 

Thus, Washington policy makers sought out Brazil as an ally to counteract the growing malicious influence of Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez. However, they were very disappointed and astonished by the fact that Lula not only failed to play such an expected role but also became an enabler of Chavez’s revolutionary and expansionistic agenda.

In Lula’s own words, “Chavez has been the best Venezuelan president in 100 years”. Likewise, Lula pointed out that the anti-democratic practices employed by the Venezuelan government belong to the realm of Venezuelan sovereignty and not to the domain of universal human rights. Just  last week Brazil and its allies in the Southern Cone supported the inclusion of Venezuela in Mercosur, the South American common market, despite Chavez’s anti-democratic practices which contradicts the group’s clause that conditions membership on the existence of fully democratic institutions. 

In addition, Lula helped smuggle the deposed pro-Chavez former president of Honduras back into Tegucigalpa and shelter him there in the Brazilian Embassy. Lula has so far refused to recognize the elected government of Honduran president, Porfirio Lobo. The Brazilian president has also warmed up to the long and discredited die hard autocratic Cuban leader, Fidel Castro and called a Cuban political prisoner who died from a hunger strike a “criminal.”

Beyond the region, Brazil joined forces with Turkey a number of months ago to cut a deal with Iran that would not only have not prevented Iran from developing a nuclear bomb but also encouraged it to develop more. Likewise, Brazil voted against sanctions on Iran imposed by the UN National Security Council. Thus, we have discovered that Brazil has had and continues to have its own distinctive foreign policy which requires further scrutiny and analysis…

Along with China, India and Russia, Brazil seeks a multi-polar world where the United States is not the only superpower. According to their thinking, world power is best shared among a number of countries. This scenario is not necessarily a bad one if maximum cooperation is achieved between these different political poles.  One might question why the United States, alone, should be involved in every single case of counties that wish to develop nuclear weapons. Why should the U.S. be the only country to care about events in the world while the rest of the world waits for America to deliver a ready-made product? Why should the U.S. be the only country to raise concerns when democracy or human rights are violated while the rest of the nations seek only to satisfy their national interests?  Indeed, there is nothing wrong with multi-lateral cooperation. 

However, Brazil’s international behavior under Lula has been guided by a strong and obsolete dose of anti-Americanism brought directly from Lula’s radical left political upbringing. Brazil does not really seek a multi-polar world of cooperation.  Lula’s notion of multi-polarity is based on his opposition to the power and policies of the U.S.  Thus, Brazil has cooperated with Iran‘s agenda of developing nuclear weapons and gave Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahamdinejad, a hero’s welcome when the latter visited Brazil. Brazil also recognized the fraudulent elections that gave a victory to Ahmadinejad in June, 2009 with no regard for the violence with which anti-government demonstrations were repressed.  This insensitivity is reflected in repeated statements made by Lula according to which Iran “has a right” to a nuclear program.

In this context, it is easy to understand why the Brazilian president was the first to unilaterally recognize the creation of a Palestinian state (with pre-1967 borders) while the U.S was making serious efforts to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together. According to Lula, who was successful in getting the Argentinean and the Uruguayan presidents to go along with this recognition, “it is a step to move forward a stagnant peace process”. In fact, Lula was not only giving a free pass to the Palestinians in exchange for nothing but also trying to symbolically show its independence from and opposition to the United States and its ally, Israel.

Lula’s foreign policy logic is embedded not just on the fact that Brazil is now a great country and therefore it demands a place in the world. Such policy is also guided by a strong desire to diminish U.S influence; not only in the region but in the world. Lula’s policy is amoral and is deprived of any global responsibility. Jorge Castaneda, a former Mexican Foreign Minister, has observed that Brazil is part of a group of countries that oppose “more or less explicitly and more or less actively” notions such as human rights, democracy and non-proliferation. Castaneda pointed out Brazil’s foreign policy under Lula is closer to that of authoritarian China (with which Lula has astronomically increased commercial and political relations) than it is to the West. 
Lula’s logic is of a political not economic nature. Like his fellows on the radical left, he dreams of a world with little American influence and claims a leadership role without offering any ideas that contribute to world peace: such as stability, human rights, opposition to international terrorism and nuclear proliferation ,or,  any moral problems that have traditionally been the West’s preoccupation. Lula’s Brazil represents another version of Third World obsessed and outdated anti-colonialism. Under, a veil of sophistication (made possible due to comparisons with the ruthless and thuggish Hugo Chavez) Lula’s Brazil has become a negative force in the region (attracting Argentina and Uruguay, countries now run by two leaders who share Lula’s triumphalist attitude). 
Brazil is largely seen by Western countries as an emerging economic power but not necessarily a reliable political player. Under the new Brazilian president, Dilma Rouseff, no change should be expected except for the worse since Ms. Rouseff is a former guerilla and as such is likely to strengthen the policies of her predecessor. 

Meanwhile, the U.S and the Western powers should continue to block Brazil’s attempts at playing greater roles in international affairs (including its demands to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council) and treat that country with the suspicion it has earned.

Well said, Mr Fleischman.

Just before the october election that brought Dilma Rousseff to power the Communist Party of Brazil issued a statement;

On the eve of 3 October – with the strong wave of popular support for the candidacy of Rousseff – the liberal opposition in league with major media outlets has resorted to “dirty war” to try to prevent another people’s victory. They manipulate facts, spread lies against Dilma, carry out a campaign of hate against President Lula to. They seek – any price – the drag the electoral race into a second round of voting.

Given this escalation of anti-democratic opposition, PCdoB calls for an intensifcation of the mobilization of the campaign in these final hours of this great and decisive conflict that will define the direction of Brazil…

The West needs realize that it has far more enemies than it is willing to admit.


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25 thoughts on “Why the West Must Realize Brazil is a "Communist" Country

  1. As being brazilian and given the current context I can only affirm that a slow and stealth communist coup was being planted against the brazilian population’s awareness. Former president Lula is about to be arrested under corruption charges spiking a growing tension in our society, not only internally as threats of military incursions emerges almost in a weekly basis from countried such as Bolivia and Venezuela in favor of the former president and their revolutionary plan. I’m afraid to affirm but many people would agree with me: we’re reaching the final line to either have a communist coup or freeing ourselves up from this threat completely. Please watch Lula’s arrest and Dilma’s impeachment attentiously.

  2. What a load of… No ! Brazil is not communist. The means of production are mostly in private hands. Yes, there is big statal companies like Petrobras, but the private companies are even bigger. Brazil has a leftist government for the last 13 years, but there is no threat to private property, democracy or freedom of the press. And calling Dilma a terrorista is a cheap shot. Was George Washigton a terrorist ? Dilma was fighting to free our country of a dictatorship. A dictatorship helped by USA, by the way.

  3. Brazil is becoming a communist dictatorship and in 1 to 2 years will produce nuclear weapons.
    The communists hate you, north americans, and want to attack you and destroy you.
    Besides, our president is a former guerilla and it seems that she appreciate terrorists.
    Cant’you how it is a threat for America?

  4. Brazil is not only at the verge of becoming a red dictatorship, but it will become a red dictatorship capable of enrich uranium and in 1 to 2 years of producing nuclear weapons. US and Britain must adopt an firm stance on the red elected (in a fraudulent election)government.

  5. there are now tons of info on youtube about foro de são paulo`s shadowy agenda, and the main source are the posts from researcher, writer and philosopher Olavo de Carvalho who fled Brazil some years ago to live in Virginia USA from where he can more safely dennounce these scuofPT that took over our nation 12 years ago. This month elections next 26 will be the last chance we have to keep Brazil a democracy and remove these bandits from power.there won`t be a next time ! It`s now or never – not in our generation at least.

  6. I wish brazilians read more, searched for information about FORO DE SÃO PAULO, they have no idea Lula created that with Fidel’s help. They really believe LULA and Dilma are fighting for people in need, they do not see the truth, that’s just a game, we are losing it!



  8. I am Brazilian and reading a post from 2010, i can see how far we went to Communism. I fear for my country, my people is dumb and dont know who to elect. I hope for the best and oney day we will terminate this communist scum.

  9. I’m from Brazil and it’s true that our government is pushing us into socialism. Our external politics puts that out in the open, we are inconditional friends of Maduro, Raul Castro, Evo morales, and all radical leftists of the continent. Before being elected they were together planning their rise to power in the 90’s in the “foro de Sao Paulo”, so when any of the members of this group gets elected they act with a double loyalty. In part they have to take care o the country’s issues but in the other hand they have to build their united Latin america against the “american neo liberalism”. That’s why Brazil is lending money under the label of “secret” to make the huge port of Mariel in Cuba, building the largest hydroelectric dam in Nicaragua, bringing cubans medics giving, by contract, 90% of their salary to Cuba’s government.

  10. Só temos filmes no cinema nacional com temas de guerra entre classes, as instituições religiosas estão em partes do lado dos comunistas, como a Teologia da Libertação e algumas denominações evangélicas, como IURD.
    Temos conflitos violentos no campo, tomadas de terra de agricultores.
    Vivemos uma revolução socialista, em pleno andamento.
    E não há oposição política, não temos partidos de direita conservadora, e nem conservadores na mídia, artes ou literatura.
    Infelizmente, a situação real é que seremos comunistas em poucas décadas, e o cenário é irreversível, o estado cresce a cada ano, no controle civil e estamos chegando num tempo de censura.
    O livre empreendimento e comércio é dificultado por burocracia e impostos intermináveis, a economia do Brasil não é liberal.

  11. O Brasil não tem oposição ideológica há décadas. Estamos sendo doutrinados em massa nas escolas e universidades por marxistas.
    A nação já é socialista, logo estaremos como na Venezuela.

    Precisamos que o povo acorde, antes que seja tarde demais.

  12. I’m brazilian…we are just a lil Communist,not like cuba, but u guys should be worrying abut our so beloved protesters,they are talking about rise the nationalist brazil, last time was not good…and we are buying alot of weapons…jets from france and americans tanks, god help us with the facist take control of the state.
    oh and the real comunism in brazil end with the “coluna prestes”, we are a democracy, a bad one but we are…

  13. Thomas: “I’m Brasilian by the way, and I can assure you that any Brasilian (or non-american) who reads this will think of how stupid and self-centered americans have become. How far have you fallen…”

    I’m also brazilian, and I absolutely agree with the author. Also, I add that Lula and Dilma not only were, but still are terrorists direcly connected to the colombian drug cartels.

    Brazil is taking a road away from liberty for decades, and PT has the pedal to metal with their socialist agenda.

  14. Mr. Trevor,
    unhapply, I guess you were right! all those things you said are happening now here in Brazil. we’re afraid and a lot of us believe in a coup d’etat leftist in a few months. did you listen about lula’s speech at the last foro de são paulo meeting? he created a latin american red army… for what? I hope the fourth fleet come soon!

  15. Sheesh!!! whoever wrote this article clearly has no idea what unbiased judgement is!!!
    True, Brasil has followed a more socialist approach to free enterprise, but this is nothing that the US has not done to a degree. In the years before Lula, Brasil was a american puppet. Now that Brasil has its own agenda and its own opinions, distinct from US ones, people want to label it as communist.

    News Flash: not paying lip service to the US, does not mean comunist, or socialist, or terrorist for that matter!!!
    I mean, this was the best part: “‘Lula’ is a committed Marxist revolutionary, as his hand picked successor, former underground terrorist leader Dilma Rousseff”
    Just that right there shows this person did not even do his research.

    And by the way, the Brasil is currently one of the biggest US allies in many matters. Please do your research and know that people who are offended by your exaggerations might stumble in your little articles.

    I’m Brasilian by the way, and I can assure you that any Brasilian (or non-american) who reads this will think of how stupid and self-centered americans have become. How far have you fallen…

    1. I,m a Brazilian too. For me, Dilma is a Hero for everything she did, as well as members of MR-8, who kidnapped Charles Burke Elbrick, the American ambassador in 1964.

      And no, I’m not being sarcastic.

      1. I am brazilian and every line is true. People that are comenting in favour here are paid to do it. The communists are always lying and creating missinformation.
        Dilma and Lula are criminals and already installed comunism in Brazil.
        Please, help my people!! We are the new Venezuela.

    2. No, that’s the point as well. The U.S. is also following the socialist and statist agenda under it’s lying leaders. The moniker “communist” has that Soviet and Mao flavor, but it’s all communist just the same.

      Steal from those who have and give to all. Just keep a “little” extra on the side for the party leadership (for the sake of the masses). Favor our friends. Destroy those who resist (for the sake of the masses).

    3. who gives a fuck about ” Brazil ”

      You’re a ” Moron ” as well ” A Cuban Idiot puppet of Fidel and Raul Castro”.
      The U.S government has any desire whatsoever to have Brazil as allies since your elected 2014 Terrorist president likes better the I.S.I.S militants in Syria.
      You should get an International roundtrip fly from Brazil to Syria
      by joining Dilma and Lula with the negotiations directly with the Sunni Militants and as well I.S.I.S Terrorism.
      At the end someone will noticed how ” stupid ” and ” asshole ” you are and definitely deserves a worldwide trophy ” SCUMBAGS OF THE YEAR ”

      Chef Mueller
      Miami – FL / U.S.A

  16. "the commies are as patient as their friends the islamists…if the west does not WAKE UP, we are going to be conquered by stealth."

    They certainly proved that when they beat the bejesus out of each in Afghanistan.

    The patience part of that comment, not so much the alliance thing.

  17. the commies are as patient as their friends the islamists…if the west does not WAKE UP, we are going to be conquered by stealth.
    Thank you Trevor, for as usual informing us of what is going on.. I wish Murdoch would give you a show on FOX!!!

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