6 thoughts on “"Bad Faith at Ground Zero"

  1. I would like to know why this video doesn't go mainstream? How about The Blaze posting it? I think more people need to see the TRUTH!!! Wasn't that what 8/28 was all about? The Truth!

  2. Keith Olberman is a typical right wing bleeding heart liberal who given the chance would give this country away to all people who would do us harm…All in the name of polictical correctness. Please tell me what muslin country would allow a church to be built near a site where americans flew into and killed 3,000 people !!!!! This has nothing to do with freedom of religion, it has to do with all good people saying enough with enemies of ours using our constuiution against us. Just remember our early flag Don't Tread on Me and tell Olberman to go to HELL…..

  3. The precise reason why these things happen is because everyone is scared crapless of muslims. Getting exactly what they want goes without saying.

    I also know where the funding for this abomination will come from. Obama already spilled the beans. Our tax dollars will go to building this atrocity.

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