Russians to Control Wyoming Uranium Mines

Is this ignorance, insanity or treason?

From The Telegraph;

Two uranium mines in Wyoming are on their way to control by a Russian company now that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved transferring the mines’ licenses.

The NRC last week approved the license transfer to a Russian company known as ARMZ which expects to obtain a controlling interest in Canadian-owned Uranium One by year’s end. Uranium One holds the licenses for a proposed uranium mine and an existing uranium mine in northeast Wyoming.

The transfer raised concern from Wyoming’s congressional delegation, who said the uranium could in theory go overseas and serve against U.S. interests.

The NRC continues to prohibit exporting the uranium.

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8 thoughts on “Russians to Control Wyoming Uranium Mines

  1. a12iggymom,
    "Chuck U" Schumer is about as enemy of the state as possible.Too bad the charge of "Treason",has been M.I.A.for quite some time now.We sure could use a visit from such a good friend.

  2. Just wait until the comrade nations of our chairman start to get drilling licenses on U.S. soil, that have been denied to U.S. companies for decades now, and the eco-wackjobs won't utter a syllable of protest.

  3. Another question, why does Spain own NYS energy plants, and the French own Ginna Nuclear Power Plant in NY. How many other foreign entities own our natural resourses and energy providers…and what happens if/when they shut them down? I have sent thousands of faxes and emails to Chuck Schumer who forced both sales through and not one reply…the NRC's only reply was they "investigated" the purchaser (?)

  4. Why does Russia have a Naval Air Base in Middleton, KY? The FEMA Director announced that in a Gibbs White House briefing during the floods last year. I nor anyone I've mentioned this to, including some military people can find out anything on this base. I would be interested to see if anyone here could find out why and just who authorised it…

  5. THIS IS NOTHING BUT THE ACT OF TREASON!!!! These communist sympathizers in our government are doing everything they can to undermine this country. This needs to be on the news!!!!

  6. Just when you think this government has done just about everything they can to destroy us from within, a brand new way is unveiled. Yes, this is insanity.

  7. Why in the world would an American investor not own these resources?! Why would our government even consider transfering the licenses? I really wonder what is really going on behind this. There's no reason such a valuable resource needs to be owned by someone outside of our contry when we have the knowledge and technical expertise to mine the uranium ourselves. We need to learn more about what's going on here.

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