"Declaration Will Divide the Nation" – Time to Pull the Plug Rodney

The National Party has taken leave of its senses and decided to ratify the United Nations Declaration of the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples.

Even Red Helen Clark wouldn’t sign up to this communistic piece of crap.

Here’s what ACT leader Rodney Hide has to say about this disaster in the making.

From the ACT Party website.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ACT Leader Rodney Hide said today he was appalled at the Government’s decision to covertly sign up to the United Nations Declaration of the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples, a document which asserts for Maori rights and privileges not enjoyed by other New Zealanders.

“The ACT Party believes that the declaration is divisive and will set New Zealand on a path to a further divided nation – separating New Zealand into two, rather than bringing us together. It is the very opposite of ACT’s policy of one law for all New Zealanders,” Mr Hide said.

“By signing this declaration the Government will enable foreigners in the UN to pontificate and criticise New Zealand’s race relations, policies, laws and processes.

“It was for this very reason that former Prime Minister Helen Clark refused to ratify it. Parekura Horomia has said that the declaration was incompatible with New Zealand laws and democratic processes, that it ignored reality and would be difficult to implement. Both Helen Clark and Parekura Horomia were right.

“The ACT Party is very disappointed that the Prime Minister has foisted this declaration on New Zealand. We are deeply disappointed that he has failed to honour the ‘No Surprises’ policy set out in the ACT-National Confidence and Supply Agreement.

“ACT, like the rest of the country, has been left completely in the dark by the Government’s actions. ACT condemns the ratification and the process that has been followed,” Mr Hide said.

Here’s my view Rodney. While National and ACT have done some good and are working towards more, now is the time to pull the plug.

National/Kohn Key has made three major policy blunders since taking office:

1/ Ignoring the results of the referendum to overturn the Anti-smacking legislation
2/ Going ahead with the Emissions Trading Scheme
3/ Signing up the Declaration of the Rights Of Indigenous Peoples.

John Key and the Nats apparently have no concept of the huge damage all these measures will do to this country, economically, culturally, socially.

Now is the time to dissolve the National/ACT/Maori Party coalition and go back into opposition – hard opposition.

If ACT doesn’t do this, a socially conservative party will arise and push ACT to edge. It will be a party that will almost certainly not have ACT’s economic and policy understanding.

ACT needs to fight these destructive measures full on, not be a de facto party to them.

It’s a hard call Rodney, but you know its the right one.


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4 thoughts on “"Declaration Will Divide the Nation" – Time to Pull the Plug Rodney

  1. Act should have bailed when the Nats cancelled the tax cuts in favour of spending five times that on the Green party policy of free insulation for people who were too dumb to buy the right house. They're too blinded by the baubles these days to be any use to anyone.

  2. I agree totally, Trevor. Hopefully I will have some comments up on the Not PC blog shortly re this issue.

  3. Rumours are circulating that the Nat caucus has already voted in favour of allowing the maoists under tama iti in the urawira to build a FARC styled separate state. They are keeping it all under wraps until Key gets up the dutch courage to make the official announcement.

  4. Dissolving the coalition would be the right thing to do if ACT really had NZ's best interests at heart… but do they have the fortitude to do what must be done?

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