4 thoughts on “"Green Jobs" Exposed – Money Goes to Radical Scamstas and New Black Panther Gangstas

  1. Just another pile of manure from the social engineers — Gobs of cash being shoveled into a bottomless pit. Sometimes I wonder whether these people are clever or stupid, diabolical or insane. One thing for sure — they're ineffective. Nothing they devise ever works the way it was intended.

    Keep an eye on this bunch. I guarantee the "green" smoke screen won't stand the light of day. There's no lettuce or solar cells in the plans these guys are forming, only cash — GREEN is for money!

  2. It has always been the EPA and the environmentalist chasing our factories and middle class jobs out of America. Now we do not make many products – when is the last appliance or electronic devises that said made in America? Most car parts are offshore.

    The tragedy is that we lost our industrial manufacturing base [50 million jobs over 50 years] for clean air. Now we have no jobs and the air pollution from china and India is making our air worse.

  3. I am sickened by our stupidity. By doing nothing, we are allowing this small minority of individuals to completely take over our country.

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