2 thoughts on “US Communists Cheer on French Protestors – A Warning of Things to Come in America?

  1. 70% of Americans resist the Communist Party and Socialist Movements in the United States.
    The Lord Jesus Christ will protect this country and His people if these so-called Communist thinking people come out..We know many of them now, who are outspoken in their attempts to control America.
    They will be the first on the list to deal with their opposition.

  2. These people should acquaint themselves with THE BLACK BOOK OF COMMUNISM published in France, in, I think 1999, documenting over 100 million murders at the hands of communism.

    This book almost destroyed the French communist party. It was written by a group of dedicated practicing communist, who now, are libertarians because of their own research.

    These pinkos better be careful of what they wish for and promote, they might just get it.

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